This Is Where The Original Caesar Salad Comes From

Caesar Salad Was Invented in Tijuana, Mexico by…

Caesar Cardini had originally operated a restaurant in San Diego, California, but relocated to Tijuana, Mexico with the advent of Prohibition.  Like many restaurateurs, Cardini believed that a fine meal on-the-town required cocktails before dinner and wine with dinner.  In Tijuana, he could offer both.

According to Caesar’s daughter Rosa, her father invented the salad when a Fourth of July 1924 rush depleted the kitchen’s supplies. Cardini made do with what he had, adding the dramatic flair of the table-side tossing “by the chef.”  Ceasar salad is the most spectacular salad in the world!

Original Caesar Salad Table-Side Prepared
The Original Caesar´s Restaurant in Tijuana in 1927
Caesar Restaurant in 1940
Caesar´s Restaurant in 2017