Japanese Cherry Blossoms Travel Japan

Sakura is very important to Japanese people. “Hanami” (cherry blossom viewing) is an old Japanese spring tradition that has been practiced for centuries.

The cherry blossoms bring up many good memories as well as bittersweet ones to me. I grew up in Mexico where I had the opportunity to enjoy the cherry blossoms in a beautiful park in the south. That is why it causes me great pleasure to see them every time I visit Japan.

The cherry blossoms are very important to Japanese people as many celebrations and festivals take place during the blooming season. This very short blooming period is often compared to the transition nature of life. It reminds us that every beginning has an end and that life is beautiful yet very short.

My most favorite part of the cherry blossoms is not the blooming but actually the falling cherry blossoms petals. I will never forget the breathtaking view of falling cherry blossoms in April exactly ten years ago. I went to the Ueno Park and I was speechless as I saw tens of thousands of petals falling from the cherry blossoms trees.

For a second, I thought we were in a different world of pink snowflakes falling gently on our skin. After the viewing, I wondered if I would see that again and it turned out to be the very last time that I would be in Japan during the cherry blossom season.



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