A Photo A Week Challenge: I’d Rather Be Cycling

I needed some house repairing tools and wanted a palm tree, but I was not in the mood to drive the car and get into traffic. So I decided to do what I really love to do: cycling. Really, I rather be cycling than driving, all-the-time. So I grabbed my bike that has a rack attached to it and rode away to Home Depot!

On my way to the store I was pedaling fast, breathing, puffing and doing my usual “dancing on the bike”. After pedaling 16.7 miles (26.72 kms) I got to the store,  secured my bike, went into the store and bought what I wanted. Time to go back  🚲 🚲 🚲

I go to my bike to get everything ready to go back home. Using some high-quality stretch elastic bungee cord hooks I bought I tie the palm to the bike and to my surprise I rode without the palm moving to the sides at all, it was pretty secure!
The 16.7 miles (26.72 kms) back home were so awesome and full of fun that I hardly felt the heavy weight I was carrying on my backpack, and the palm tree loved the ride!
I felt proud of myself knowing that I could carry in my bicycle everything I bought, and rode a total of 33.4 miles (53.44 kms) with no problem, enjoying every second of it.

I Rather Be Cycling Than Driving



  1. lindasschaub says:

    Ha ha and I was reading along and hoping you included a picture – and you did! I’ll bet you got some smiles at the palm tree on the back of your bike. Here in Michigan, we often see people strap Christmas wreaths to the grille of their car as that holiday approaches.

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    1. hahahaha, yes Linda, I got some people cheering me on and saying “go go go”. It was a very nice experience and I want to do it again as often as I can. It was pure fun. Say hello to beautiful Michigan for me, Linda.

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      1. lindasschaub says:

        Sounds fun – glad they were cheering you on. Will do. 🙂


  2. Sheree says:

    We’d all rather be cycling. I’m pretty impressed you managed to secure the palm tree and cycle back – chapeau!

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    1. hahaha, thank you Sheree for your compliment. It makes me feel so good. You make my day 🙂

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