You cannot save people

  • We can help other people, and should want to. We should be empathetic to the distress and problems of others, and try to offer any advice we think that can help.
  • Saving denotes taking on someone else’s emotional problems as your own, and can be a major boundary issue.
    • Some, are born maladjusted to the world and maladjusted to what the rest of the population experiences. It is as if some people are born with the instruction manual on life, and some, simply are not. There comes a point when you have to make a choice; to keep doing what you’ve been doing or to make changes that could ultimately change the course of your life. But the key is a willingness that lies within all of us. While it is in there, sometimes buried deep down, it is on us to let it shine through. 

      What I’m trying to say is this; in the end, all we have is this very moment and nothing else. We don’t know what tomorrow brings or if it will ever come. Goodbye hurts worse than most things, but the goodbyes that go unsaid are by far the worst. You can only love people while you have the pleasure of having them.

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