Swallow Your Pain and Get Up!

“It hurts? Good, swallow the pain even if it burns and then continue your path to success…it’s worth it. ” — Dr. Martha A. Castro N., MD

There is no easy road to success, all paths have rocks and spines that can slow you down and even stop you from continuing to climb. Thank goodness for those rocks and spines, and thank you for those falls I took, because of them I am here.

When I was down, wanting to weep forever, letting myself subside, longing for the sorrow to swallow me in the depth of sadness, I just wanted to end my loneliness at once. But that feeling lasted a second, not more than a second because I was born to be happy even in the midst of tears, I was born to thrive even in the middle of falls; so I had to swallow my pride, my fear and pain and got up, every time I  I got up, again and again,  stronger than ever.

I swallowed my doleful memories and the wicked desire of others they had for me to fail vanished in the wind of a world where darkness reigns. I left them there…and I am here.