Donald Trump Orders Military Strikes on Syria

President Trump has now confirmed that in a combined operation with France and UK, a military strike is now under way against Syria

Witnesses are reporting explosions heard in Damascus, including residential areas, although the first wave of US, UK and French attacks is allegedly targeting the following:

  • Republican Guard headquarters
  • Military airbases
  • Chemical weapon production sites

At 10PM ET, Defense Secretary Mattis and Joseph Dunford, the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff provided the Pentagon’s update, repeating that U.S., British and French forces struck Syria’s chemical weapons infrastructure tonight. Mattis said that “Clearly, the Assad regime did not get the message last year. This time, our allies and we have struck harder.”


  1. Benjamin Peterson Venegas, PhD says:

    Chemical weapons?!!! Only fools believe it.

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    1. bgddyjim says:

      Only fools believe as you do. There was video evidence of the chemical weapon attack.


      1. bgddy….jimmy, only tools and Trumptards believe video “evidence” like you do. hahahaha


      2. bgddyjim says:

        So the saying goes, “ignorance is bliss”. Is it?


  2. Looking back, Russia did warn 3 weeks ago that it had intelligence that a CW false flag was being prepared in the very same location. This was not regarded as “News” by our MSM and so was never reported. Then Trump announced a pull-out from Syria and the plan was implemented. The Skripal stunt was already falling apart, the facts are now being buried and the Skripals are incommunicado before they disappear into the US witness protection machine.

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  3. They strike “chemical weapons factories” and warehouses with missiles and are not concerned about releasing the poisonous agents into the surrounding area and killing thousands of people?

    It tells us that they knew there was nothing in those targets.

    And they did it the day before the chemical weapons inspectors were due to arrive and check things out on the ground.

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