Picture of the Day: Whale Sneezes Rainbow

Picture of the Day: Whale Sneezes Rainbow 1
                                                       Photo Credit to Randy McConnell

Stunned sea life watchers captured the colorful display being spouted from the animal’s breathing hole.

The rainbow illusion was created as bright sunlight reflected through the fountain of water the animal had expelled into the air, causing a multi-colored spectrum effect.

The incredible event was captured on film as whales swam alongside cruise boats off the coast of America.

Randy McConnell recorded the footage as the ship he was on sailed in the waters off Cape Cod.

He said: “The rainbow came as a complete surprise. I guess I was just in exactly the right place at the right time as the whales came up for air.

“I love wildlife and I have traveled to many places around the world – but this was probably one of the most magical things I have seen.

“You are able to get very close to them and it seems they are just as curious about us as we are about them.”

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One thought on “Picture of the Day: Whale Sneezes Rainbow

  1. lindasschaub April 16, 2018 at 1:43 am

    That’s beautiful – not only the rainbow, but the whale as well.

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