Sunday Dinner Ideas: Yummy Exotic Food

Waking up on Sunday, have an aromatic Hawaiian coffee, playing a chess game in the computer, then go out for a bike ride, come back to spend the rest of the day with family and friends enjoying delicious fun messy food. This is my kind of a wonderful Sunday 🙂


Sunday Dinner Ideas: Yummy Exotic Food 1


Sunday Dinner Ideas: Yummy Exotic Food 2


Sunday Dinner Ideas: Yummy Exotic Food 3


Sunday Dinner Ideas: Yummy Exotic Food 4

9 thoughts on “Sunday Dinner Ideas: Yummy Exotic Food

  1. lindasschaub April 16, 2018 at 1:30 am

    Martha – as I scroll down, each messy food treat is more exciting than the last one – all look delicious and unique looking, especially the chocolate cake … I love the chocolate doo dads (for lack of a better description) on top and around the cake. Are they chocolate bars sticking out of the top?

    • Oh yes, I love it too. But I confess: I am a meat lover, fish too. Sometimes I wish we humans would have been made with 2 stomachs: one with nutrients absorption capabilities (the one we have) and another without it, just a pass through for food. And have a switch to control it, and we would always have nutrients, perfect weight and could eat all we wanted….
      —yes, linda, chocolate bars sticking out of the top!

      • lindasschaub April 16, 2018 at 9:57 pm

        There’s a concept – I kind of like that idea. I gave up red meat two years ago for National Heart Month and that was just because I live alone and don’t usually cook big meals for myself and because heart disease runs in my family (maternal side) … my grandmother and 7 of her 8 siblings died of heart problems. I decided to give up red meat then. Sometimes I miss it – but I’m like you and like fish. That cake is so unique – I thought it was chocolate bars sticking out the top. You have a passion for food and I love those pictures.

        • It is very responsible on your part that you take such a good care of yourself based on your family medical history. I congratulate you, sincerely, linda. I am sorry to hear about your grandma and siblings. I lost my adorable grandmother in May 14, 2000, she raced me and she was 109 when she died on her sleep.

          • lindasschaub April 17, 2018 at 11:25 pm

            It sounds like you were very close to her Martha … 109 is a very good age and she must have been taking care of herself to live a long and good life. Hopefully you have some of your grandmother’s genes and will live a long life like she did.

            • Thank you, Linda. My grandma was the one who raised me. Thank you for your wishes and I am sure that you will live a long and healthy life yourself. Not everything in this life is genes, it’s also about being kind to yourself and other (like you are), having a peaceful life, etc. So, we both will get there, you will see 🙂

            • lindasschaub April 18, 2018 at 3:01 am

              I always like your thinking Martha and I believe you are right. You’ll be healthy because you have a balanced life and ride your bicycle. I find peace at the Park and have my walking. Whatever brings a smile to your face and happiness in your heart.

            • Exactly! Do you feed the pigeons at the park? Have you found a favorite tree or spot to seat? It is awesome when we find a place in nature that makes us connect with ourselves and the universe.

            • lindasschaub April 18, 2018 at 11:20 am

              We actually have no pigeons at that Park. I don’t recall seeing one ever and next week it will be five years since I started walking there. It is beside a Creek so we get the waterfowl, mostly geese and ducks, but occasionally swans and herons. In Summer there are frogs and turtles and small fish leaping out of the water. There are benches around the Park, but I generally just go and walk and visit with the squirrels and birds (the newest thing with the cardinals) and sometimes the walkers. I walk by myself 99% of the time, unless my friend Ann Marie joins me. She moved away but we get together to walk about four times a year.
              There is a man who always walks one loop (it is a figure eight configuration at the Park …. one side is dense with all the critters and the other side is still by the Creek, but more open) … this man walks one loop, then sits down and has peanuts so the squirrels go over to visit him and his goodies. I feel peace going there – that’s why I like to go in the morning. I’m about to log off and get suited up to walk this morning … it is still cold but no rain, snow or ice thankfully.

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