15 Things I Hate about Eating

Things I hate about eating and eating habits:

15 Things I Hate about Eating 1

  1. I hate that I have to count my calories mostly all the time so I don´t gain weight
  2. I would love to eat  beef medallions or a big chunk of steak everyday without knowing that if I did I would clog my arteries with triglycerides and…..oh no!
  3. Cooking everyday? Yup, gets awfully tiring doesn’t it, especially when I have hundreds of other things to do during the day.
  4. I over eat one day then I feel guilty
  5. Spilling food on my new blouse or dress.
  6. When I cannot control myself and have double servings, my belly feels pretty bad. Yes, I hate this feeling and then the guilt…sucks!
  7. I hate when people eat with an open mouth and make noises…it is gross!
  8. I can’t stand to eat with people who  don’t have manners at the table.
  9. I don’t like it when people want to impose their eating preferences on me: are you a vegan? I am not. Vegans  have this annoying way of preaching their beliefs upon others, it’s my choice and you can’t expect everyone to go vegan.
  10. Gluten in my food.
  11. GMO food…ugh!
  12. Having to unbutton my button after eating.
  13. Heartburn anyone?
  14. The food delivery people take too long…I lost my appetite by then.
  15. Oh, I hate eating alone.

4 thoughts on “15 Things I Hate about Eating

  1. lindasschaub May 24, 2018 at 7:15 pm

    You are funny and I agree with you on all these things. The look of horror in this picture as the spaghetti takes a tumble is priceless. I would like to be how I was years ago. I worked in a diner while attending college. We’d get to sit as long as it took to have our meal, then up and on our feet … 8 hours of go, go, go. And, then we’d be slow and cook some french fries, 1/2 a milkshake, split a donut with the cook … never showed up anywhere. Gravity I despise you!

    • hahahaha, gravity! It is so true. 8 hours on your feet? Yes, when I was younger too, I could be on my feet for hours like nothing. Those french fries and milkshake you mention sound terrific! 🙂 🍿🥤

      • lindasschaub May 25, 2018 at 3:22 am

        Yes, to be that age again – endless energy. We never had a lot of them during the day … snacking all day long but were on the go – those were the days. Sigh.

  2. janowrite May 25, 2018 at 6:56 am

    Spot on, Martha! 🙂

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