President Donald Trump Nazi Regime Puts Children in Cages like in the Holocaust while the US withdraws from the UN Human Rights Council

I can’t stay quiet anymore. I usually keep this blog light but this has gone too far and it seems irresponsible on my part not to speak up. The injustice and cruelty going on in the United States of America against  children is appalling and frankly, it saddens and enrages me.

I wish that people would realize now that USA  has become a fascist regime. People need to read the history of the Nazi regime, how it was born, developed and implemented, in the 1920’s and during the WWII. The percentage of people in America who see that this is wrong, need to study and do more investigation so it is not too late for them like it was for many living in Nazi Germany under Hitler.


  1. Trump, of course, is bad. but he alone could do nothing without the support of the GOP and his supporters, without the support of the police in the field, those security officers, who detain illegal immigrants and take away children from their parents, who organize concentration camps for children. They all should be held accountable

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    1. Cousin, you are absolutely right. Although I think that in this case, being a republican or democrat doesn’t matter. It is a human issue, not a political party issue. Love you, cus.


  2. Ing. Alejandro Suarez says:

    Trump is not a president, he is a mistake of nature.

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    1. Yes, something wrong and sick with his DNA. Really, sickening.


  3. Trump is destroying what America stands for. It will take years to recover from his presidency.

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  4. lindasschaub says:

    Martha – it is very sad what is going on right now – every day seems to bring a new horror. Now the stock market is tanking because of the trade wars, not to mention this atrocity you wrote about which is beyond sad.

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  5. Yes, Linda, it is an atrocity, indeed. the stock market tanked 400 points and Starbucks is closing 150 stores. GE, General Electric is pulling out of the Dow after 111 years of being in the stock market.


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