Feed your Mind everyday Quotes to Avoid Mediocrity and Achieve Success Albert Einstein

There are clear differences between mediocre people and successful people’s daily habits. Successful people have daily success habits that help them to move toward their goals, whereas mediocre people have daily mediocre habits that keep them confined to a life of mediocrity.

Mediocre people feel uncomfortable with winners. But leaders can transform the lives of many mediocre people, as long as they are willing to listen and learn. Be the leader, the creator, the inspiration of many.

In Hong Kong, there is a popular saying that sales people in Hong Kong fall into a habit of respecting the clothes before they respect you.  先敬羅衣後敬人 In real life, how you are being treated in social environment is the result of your taste in packaging yourself.  You go to job interviews dress up because you want to be noticed and be treated better than the OTHER applicants.  Dress mediocre and you may not get selected in the sea of wannabes.

Mediocrity is a threat to success;  It is the law of nature: the weak get eaten.