Beautiful Messy Sunday Forget Perfectionism … It Sucks!

Breakfast in Messy Bed!

Perfectionists have a lot of baggage that other people don’t, and that baggage comes from constantly striving to appear perfect.” Basically, it’s not easy being perfect; it’s heavy and exhausting.

When we live a rigid life in order to attain out-of-reach goals, we miss out on the organic rhythms that our mind and bodies might be moving to in a life less focused on perfection. Striving to be great … or good or even just okay.

Messy but lots of Fun!

Rather than perfect allows one to find their groove and excel, even if that means excelling with a messy sink or undone hair. And when you get to that point, and can find the liberating joy of imperfection? I would say that’s pretty perfect.

Messy Beautiful Hair!

Furnham says that people focused on perfection tend to have low self-esteem, noting also the presence of “guilt and its fellow travelers, shame and self-recrimination.” Admittedly it’s not clear if low self esteem feeds perfectionism or if perfectionism feeds low self esteem, but when I think of the more confident people I know, they are the ones unashamed of imperfection.

I for one stopped being so rigid in my cycling schedule. I now dress the way I feel like, colorful if I want to, no planned routes. Yes, I am a Messy Cyclist, and I LOVE IT!

Messy Happy Cyclists!




  1. lindasschaub says:

    I am embracing a messy house right now – I wasn’t brought up that way and I’m sure my mom looks down and says “I told you after I was gone, you’d be messy and I was right!” But life is short and sometimes you must get out and air out your brain – the dust bunnies can wait!

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    1. hahaha, mom is always right. I do things that make me think exactly the way you think the things your mom would tell you. My mom was a perfectionist. We had three maids and one of them dedicated two days of the week to polish the silver and copper pans in the kitchen. My mom liked everything lined up in order: from books to shoes and things displayed in the living room. It was living hell hahaha, seriously. I enjoy having my house clean but NOT perfect. In fact, my desk where I sit to consult my patients is clean but messy. I have lots of books and medical notes on it and I like it that way 🙂

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      1. lindasschaub says:

        Oh yes, I lived that as well growing up Martha, only no maid, but the house had to be sparkling clean, not a dish in the sink, and could pass the “white glove test” at all times. And, sometimes I do feel guilty, but while my mom was still alive, I did do a good job keeping the house looking job, but I told my mom that we spent too much time striving to keep the house perfect inside and out. Yes it was admirable, but we each missed out on other more enjoyable things to do while making the house look picture perfect. Since I work from home, you would think I’d have more time to do my housekeeping chores – I don’t, I put them off. We’re like two peas in a pod I think Martha. 🙂


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