Be Happy and Let Others Live 7 times 7

Be Happy to the fullest!

Be happy inspirational quote

Living is an art or is a path to destruction, and unfortunately the lack of love and compassion within the family structure is what triggers so much loneliness, depression and anxiety in many. 

We are born, if we are lucky enough, to two loving parents who care about us so much to let us grow into kind, compassionate and successful human beings. But sometimes things go wrong: the family is dysfunctional, parents or children don’t care about each other. They become bitter and depressive, even when they finish graduate or post-graduate school; hey, maybe they even become rich, but no matter what they do in life unhappiness is always there. 

These kind of frustrated person is the one that we should not become, it is the type of individual we all should avoid in our lives. They just drain the merriment out of us because it is the only way for them to find “joy”: when others are unhappy or unfortunate.

I would say to them: “Be happy, let others be joyful … let others live”



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