3 Most Exotic and Rare Trees around the World

Exotic trees displaying beauty and wonder!

Why do I get to fall in love with each tree? Let me tell you why: a tree changes carbon dioxide into the oxygen we breathe, it sequesters carbon and provides much shelter for countless critters.
There are many reasons for which we should all be tree-hugging hippies, but within the scope of this blog post, all we’ll focus on are the looks of these amazing nature wonders.

Tropic Breeze Balloon:

It grows in different rainforests.

Trees and beauty

Ponytail Palm Tree

Kaleidoscopic Rainbow Eucalyptus, Hawaii’s

Hawaii, Maui, Hana, Rainbow eucalyptus trunk

This one is a native one in the archipelago which has a unique appearance like an upright umbrella.

Its dark red sap gives its name dragon blood.


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  1. MishSciFiMusings says:

    All those trees are amazing!


    1. I love nature, it all its forms. And I am glad you too 🙂


  2. Ren says:

    Thank you! Very amazing!!!


  3. kelleysdiy says:

    So gorgeous! I have a ponytail palm that is nowhere so pretty!!!


    1. Oh my, you have a ponytail!!! It is a gorgeous tree!!! I bet it makes you happy looking at it everyday 😍😀


      1. kelleysdiy says:

        It does, thank you! Have a great day!🤗


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