Suicide Can Be Preventable Use Strong Love Education Compassion – A – 363


Suicide can be preventable since infancy. Having caring parents and relatives who really love their children and look out for them, creating an optimal and loving environment for their healthy and happy growth.

However, this almost seems like a utopia in the world we live in. But it is not impossible, we have to have hope, always, and have love, for ourselves, our children, our family and friends.


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But, even when we have had been raised in loving homes by caring parents, in a healthy social and mental environment  bad things happen to good people as we all know: a failed marriage, the death of a loved one, the loss of work or income, a traumatic accident; things that could trigger an acute depression and if not treated immediately it could develop into a severe case of suicidal depression.



When a friend, a child, a patient, anybody tells us that “I don’t want to live anymore”, or that  “I am going to kill myself tonight or tomorrow”, we have the responsibility as human beings to believe him/her and help in anyway possible and as soon as possible.


List Of International Suicide Hotlines


“There is a critical window in which depressed patients who are suicidal need rapid relief to prevent self-harm,” said Michael Grunebaum, MD, a research psychiatrist at CUMC, who led the study.



“Currently available antidepressants can be effective in reducing suicidal thoughts in patients with depression, but they can take weeks to have an effect. Suicidal, depressed patients need treatments that are rapidly effective in reducing suicidal thoughts when they are at highest risk.

Currently, there is no such treatment for rapid relief of suicidal thoughts in depressed patients.”  — Read more here




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  1. lindasschaub says:

    It’s very sad to read of people’s struggles and wish you could help them but feel powerless to do so.


    1. Indeed, Linda. I wish there were no pain on earth enough to make anybody feel so sad to want to commit suicide. You have a kind heart, Linda 💓


      1. lindasschaub says:

        Thank you Martha – I have a follower here – don’t know how she started following me because her blog is about suicide and how she is trying to make each day special because she is special and life is special. I read some of her posts and it is a little scary to be honest.


      2. I can tell you why she started following you. Your posts, Linda, are very unique and full of nature. Your walks are surrounded of wonderful horizons, animal life, water, snow…. LIFE itself! Your posts make her feel better. You know, Linda? Sometimes we bloggers, do not realize how much we impact people with the things we write and the images or pictures we upload to our blog posts. And I hope that the impact is always positive, just like your blog. I am sure that is why she started following you.
        I hope she can find peace and tranquility soon. Keep blogging, Linda the way you do.


      3. lindasschaub says:

        Thank you Martha – thanks for your kind words as to me – they are appreciated.


      4. lindasschaub says:

        You’re welcome Martha –


      5. lindasschaub says:

        I always look at a new follower’s recent posts.


      6. Got it! Don’t worry, Linda, it’s been taken care of. 🙂 I couldn’t follow that certain blog. It’s only by email.


      7. lindasschaub says:

        Thanks Martha – glad you saw this – I just thought about it afterward.


  2. Michele says:

    Excellent post! Even in the streets, online, and sometimes at work, people begin to feel anger or depression or both. It is so easy to lash out at someone or lash out at yourself. It is so sad so many are killing themselves.


    1. It is, Michele, sad to the bone. But we can always do a little something. Do you know that a kind smile or a sincere hug can save someone’s life sometimes? True. Because being kind to someone who is desperate to terminate his/her life can make him have hope again in humanity..🎈


  3. Wow. How very powerful. Wonderfully written.


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