Beauty in Nature Morning Walk 30 of April – Any Year in Australia



“Nothing is quite beautiful alone: nothing but is beautiful in the whole. A single object is only so far beautiful as it suggests this universal grace.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, “This is what it is to be happy.” — Sylvia Plath


“He was alone.  He was unheeded, happy, and near to the wild heart of life.  He was alone and young and willful and wild-hearted, alone amidst a waste of wild air and brackish waters and the sea harvest of shells and tangle and veiled grey sunlight.” — James Joyce




Mother Nature in Australia




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  1. ❤️❤️ love the photo

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    1. Dra Martha Andrea Castro Noriega, MD WMA FACS says:

      I am glad you liked it, raynotbradbury 🙂

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  2. lindasschaub says:

    How sweet they are – don’t you just want to pick up and cuddle them?

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    1. Dra Martha Andrea Castro Noriega, MD WMA FACS says:

      Yes! I don’t think mama would let us pick up one though hehe… Hello, lindasschaub 🙂

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      1. lindasschaub says:

        Hi Martha – I agree with you – she’d be all over us. When I walk in the Park in the Spring, around May, the geese have their goslings with them. You just get within 10 feet of the babies and the geese mama will flap her wings and hiss something fierce at you.

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      2. Dra Martha Andrea Castro Noriega, MD WMA FACS says:

        Hi lindasscharub. It must be beautiful, your walk in the Park, with the geese and Spring all around. Well, Spring is right around the corner.

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      3. lindasschaub says:

        It is very beautiful Martha … we still have cold weather, ready to walk shortly and 27 degrees and 12 degree windchill here so quite cold. I’m looking forward to the warmer weather and more interaction with the “critters” which you’ll see in future posts.

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