Education of the Mind Trumps Religion

The more we train our minds to THINK, the better we evolve, the better we live.

People who are reluctant to educate themselves in this way tend to just follow orders and obey without questioning. Sad thing to see, the “robotic” human mind that is a reality in our world.

mind education dra martha castro tijuana mexico california america

Now, you might think that I’m referring to university studies, PhD’s, MD’s…etc. No no, unfortunately getting a high degree diploma doesn’t guarantee that the student will become a thinker. An independent thinker.

mind education dra martha castro tijuana mexico california america

I know of many medical doctors who are profoundly religious, some of them are evangelical, singing in tongues, even practicing exorcisms and all that “crapola” . And yes, they are real medical doctors, seriously! To me, this is a crime against the mind.

mind education dra martha castro tijuana mexico california america

Educating ourselves involves reading many topics, have intense curiosity for science, philosophy, gardening, farming, cooking, literature, history, the arts, agriculture…learning about  life for god sake!

mind education dra martha castro tijuana mexico california america

Being away from religion doesn’t mean to be atheist. And many of religious people are far far from being sincere theists. And you can quote me on this!

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  1. I have always been a big believer in cognitive thinking skills because you need to comprehend, process, remember, and apply what you learn. In other words, learn something and then think for yourself after analysis of the info. This does not negate the spiritual side of myself because I still apply cognitive skills to my spirituality.

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    1. “Cognitive skills to your spirituality…” interesting! 👍

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  2. shankjoejoe says:

    Excellent! I’ve always searched for the truth, validating that truth along the way, but at the same time allowing myself to take a few truths on faith. Such a statement might sound strange, but it’s really not that complicated. The key word here is discernment. It can’t be learned or gifted [maybe gifted?]. Similar to the traits of The Empath, one must be born with a discerning ability, and there are many different types of discernment.

    Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. I really enjoyed this piece.

    Thank You, Joseph

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    1. Exactly, Joseph! Yes, it makes sense what you say, definitely. Exploring ourselves and our world around is amazing, interesting and never ending mental fun!
      I love what you refer to about different types of discernment!

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  3. shankjoejoe says:

    Thank you, I look forward to reading more!

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