The Beauty Of Life in Joy and Pain to Grow Like a Rose!

“Take the pain and grow beauty…You know I’ve always loved volcanoes. I love how they spew searing, deadly lava that goes on to nurture the most beautiful landscapes on earth. It’s from searing pain that the deepest beauty can sprout”
― Carrie FirestoneThe Loose Ends List


I certainly have no doubt that life is beautiful and the majority of humans are and want to be kind with one another, and every moment – a celebration of being alive, but one should be always be ready to face all kinds of adversity and transform them into challenges. A person who has not encountered difficulties in life can never achieve success. So, cheer up!

Dear reader, think more  about your own life.  We have to make ourselves conscious that we have a great opportunity given and that we should take every step necessary to make our lives even more beautiful, instead of constantly dealing with the negative aspects of our lives. If we risk an even closer look onto our lives we might even notice that it is already really amazing!

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Dr. Martha Castro, MD

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  1. Like yin and yang. Without suffering, there can be no happiness.


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