Relationships of this Year 2019 Let the Toxic People Go!

BEST RELATIONSHIPS: (forget Toxic People)

Wonderful relationships have flourished this year. Today, December 30th, 1 more day to start the countdown to 0 at midnight. So many good things have happened this year, wonderful relationships flourished, others vanished away like the clouds at dawn, like toxic people.

2020 dra martha castro noriega tijuana

Some people come to our lives smiling, but holding a knife in their back, some others come to us with the truth in their tongues and sweetness in their souls. It is the sincere brutal honest people I want in my life. They are the ones I want to celebrate all holidays and each day of my life.

2020 dra martha castro noriega tijuana


The toxic people, the ones who lie to take advantage of your kindness, the ones who don’t respect your wishes, your time, your knowledge, those people are the worse kind to have around; those people need to go away.

Let us start the new year 2020 with dignity, respect for ourselves.

2020 dra martha castro noriega tijuana

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  1. Great post. Happy 2029 to you.

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  2. shankjoejoe says:

    Very well said! I don’t believe in sabotage. We don’t have to allow toxic people to remain within our lives. If we allow someone to remain in our lives, and they betray us, then we have to take responsibility for what they’ve done to us. The old saying: Fool me once ect…

    I’m wishing You & Yours a Safe & Happy New Year ❤️!

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    1. Excellent and intelligent comment. Thank you for your words and have a wonderful year yourself!

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  3. shankjoejoe says:

    Happy New Year ❤️!


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