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Coronavirus Declared Pa ndemic by the W.H.O

March 16, 2020

08:40 PM PT


  • Australia prepares 2nd stimulus package
  • Canada closes borders to foreign travelers
  • New York State closes schools for 2 weeks
  • Dutch PM says experts believe ‘most’ citizens will catch virus
  • House leaders postpone return to Washington ‘indefinitely’
  • US airports seek $10B in gov’t assistance, per CNN
  • Trump tweets US will “powerfully support” industries life airlines
  • MLB opening day ‘indefinitely delayed’
  • New Jersey reports 80% jump in cases
  • Italy reports another 3,233 cases, 349 deaths
  • France orders people to stay home for 15 days
  • CDC says employee has tested positive
  • EU finance ministers announce ‘coordinated fiscal response’ worth 1% of GDP
  • White House releases new ‘national guidelines’ to stop virus
  • San Francisco earmarks $10M for those who miss work due to outbreak
  • El Salvador and Mexico spar over flight out of Mexico City:
  • Maryland governor bars utilities for turning off service for non payment
  • Barr tells American prosecutors to crack down on any virus-related fraud:
  • SF mayor orders residents to shelter in place beginning at midnight
  • 6 Bay Area counties to issue ‘shelter in place’ order
  • Actor Idris Elba tests positive
  • WH conference set for 3:30pmET
  • G-7 releases communique about ‘coordinated’ virus response
  • Trump tells governors to try and get their own respirators
  • Washington State shuts down bars, restaurants for 2 weeks
  • McDonald’s closes dining areas at company owned restaurants, asks franchisees to do the same
  • First cases confirmed in Tanzania, Somalia
  • Ohio requests to delay primary until June 2
  • Russia ‘limits’ entry of foreigners
  • Roche starts shipment of 400,000 tests
  • UK reports 18 new deaths, asks citizens to avoid all non-essential contact and travel, but avoids public closures
  • S&P cuts Boeing’s credit rating 2 notches
  • Chile tightens borders, bans foreigners from entry
  • Kudlow teases helicopter money; Romney pushes plan to hand every US adult $1,000
  • Cuomo warns US might not succeed in flattening the curve enough
  • Lombardy reports smallest jump in new cases since beginning of outbreak
  • Greenland reports first case
  • Google’s virus website booked up on first day of operation
  • Moscow bans all events with more than 50 people
  • Top Iranian cleric dies
  • Germany closes restaurants, bars, gyms and nightclubs until further notice.
  • EU Commission bars “non-EU citizens” from entering the area, but refuses to cave on internal controls
  • NY, NJ, Conn bar large gatherings
  • Israel mulls national lockdown

11:44 AM PT

Canada closing borders to non-citizens, non-residents

March 15, 2020

11:36 PM PT

08:44 PM PT

New York City will close all nightclubs and theaters, and limit restaurants and bars to takeout and delivery only

05:14 PM PT

A new home studio and the path forward. “Last week everyone went ‘what just happened?’ The public will soon ask ‘when does it end?’ A WH would show us the path forward to the other side. There will be another side. @cnn@ReliableSources

covid 19 pandemia coronavirus dra martha castro noriega tijuana baja california china italy madrid usa

BREAKING: Italy reports 3,590 new cases and 368 new deaths, raising total to 24,747 cases and 1,809 dead

covid 19 pandemia coronavirus dra martha castro noriega tijuana baja california china italy madrid usa

BREAKING: Venezuela’s Maduro puts Caracas and 6 states on lockdown due to coronavirus

covid 19 pandemia coronavirus dra martha castro noriega tijuana baja california china italy madrid usa

Major coronavirus updates so far today: – Italy: 3,590 new cases, 368 new deaths – Germany: 1,632 new cases, 4 new deaths – Spain: 1,452 new cases, 96 new deaths – Iran: 1,209 new cases, 113 new deaths

covid 19 pandemia coronavirus dra martha castro noriega tijuana baja california china italy madrid usa

“Please be kind to yourself and to others in these trying times. If you cannot care for yourself, find someone who can!” – Michele L. Pruitt

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