What is Your Favorite Social Media Outlet? – A 434

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Social Media, Blogging or Both?


I have a passion for blogging. Writing a blog post is interesting and imaginative.

I love creating, innovating, inventing, and blogging gives me that. I can create my own CSS, coding, editing and exploring website themes designs.

I do not find any kind of mental reward in social media, very interesting nor challenging.

I think that it has been  made for people who don’t like thinking and like gossiping, fighting constantly and posting a life they are not really living: a fake one. No wonder Facebook is frequently called: Fakebook.


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Plus everything in those outlets has been created for them. All the users have to do is upload photos, videos and write, in many cases, frivolous or offensive updates.

I find social media boring and frankly, kind of idiotic and manipulative in most cases. Don’t take me wrong. I use many SM outlets, but I am not active, find them boring.

I mainly use Linkedin and Pinterest.  But Wordpress is my favorite website platform, hands down!

What do you think? What social media platform do you prefer or use the most?

Here, there is a list, but if you have another one you prefer and it has been real good to you, let us know in the comment section.










Tik Tok


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3 Most Awesome Wordpress Widgets of the Week

Widgets are fun. There is a variety of them already built for you in your wordpress theme or you can look around in the net and find some custom html to add them to your side bar, header or footer.


Today I am going to make it easy. Some simple widgets that I like and have in my website. 

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My community


This one shows my followers avatars and links back to their websites or to their gravatars, giving them back some free publicity. A way to thank them for their loyalty.


widgets dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico


Posts I Like

Everytime I LIKE a post in my WP Reader, it shows it automatically in the widget. Also, it links to the blog post of the blogger I am following. Great for marketing, right


widgets dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico


My Gravatar

Adding your gravatar to your website/blog pages is a wonderful way to show your followers and visitors who you are, what you do, what you prefer to write about, social media links and a general idea of your preferences in life and in the internet.


Gloom and Doom Tuesday: Human Civilization Will Crumble by 2050 …

…If We Don’t Stop Climate Change Now, New Paper Claims…!


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Gloom and Doom, all in good faith and fun for all. If you want to get scared, read on! (lol) Oh, and btw, the news is from LiveScience. 


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Gloom and doom news this week


It seems every week there’s a scary new report about how man-made climate change is going to cause the collapse of the world’s ice sheets, result in the extinction of up to 1 million animal species and — if that wasn’t bad enough — make our beer very, very expensive. This week, a new policy paper from an Australian think tank claims that those other reports are slightly off; the risks of climate change are actually much, much worse than anyone can imagine.

According to the paper, climate change poses a “near- to mid-term existential threat to human civilization,” and there’s a good chance society could collapse as soon as 2050 if serious mitigation actions aren’t taken in the next decade.


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Published by the Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration in Melbourne (an independent think tank focused on climate policy) and authored by a climate researcher and a former fossil fuel executive, the paper’s central thesis is that climate scientists are too restrained in their predictions of how climate change will affect the planet in the near future.


gloom and doom dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico


CONCLUSION: Don’t worry about the future, live the moment, the “here and now” is all we have… and it is WONDERFUL! 😁💪🌈💙💓💚🙃😹


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Karma Is Not a Bitch – A #402

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“What goes around comes around” is the phrase that comforts most people when they’re in an unfair situation or any other situation in which they have no control over.


If you ask most people what karma is all about they will say something like, “It is punishment for past wrongs.” Or “What you do to others will come back to you.”




Karma Is Not a Bitch -  A #402 1


The concept of karma is very old and has its origin in ancient India. However, many Buddhist and Hinduist schools of thought use different definitions.


However, many people still have a need for an outside authority that punishes and rewards. This is apparent in the way many religions are still interpreted and practiced.

For generations, our ancestors believed in a judging and punishing god. Subconsciously we still project the image of a judging authority on a teacher, a set of religious or philosophical beliefs, or a concept like karma. This way, we just take away the old judging deity and replace it with another.


It’s seen as a sort of cause and effect; a universal system of justice against your crimes.


In fact, some people count on it for vengeance.

The original Buddhist idea of karma based on reincarnation is even more problematic with respect to evidence.

Nothing out of the ordinary happens much. Everything happens for a reason, sure, but that reason hasn’t been proven to be a spiritual or a mystical one. Everything happens for a reason because of cause and effect. That cause and effect is determined by probability.


In history, there have been legions of people who have done good deeds for their families and other people while still living lives of quiet desperation. What do infants do to deserve being abandoned by their parents, or being killed in car accidents?

At the other end, there are despotic leaders like Stalin and predatory criminals like Jack the Ripper who got to the end of their lives without any particularly dire consequences.


These examples do not prove that there is no such thing as karma, but should combine with the lack of evidence for karma to support the conclusion that karma is just a myth. The belief that what goes around comes around is just wishful thinking.


CONCLUSION: Karma is not a bitch. It is a myth. It doesn’t exist. 


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My Pinterest Account is Going Through the Roof So Happy! – #398




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pinterest internet dra martha castro noriega tijuana





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Outside my main digital home -Wordpress- in the Web, I also like LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.


Right now, my account in this platform is rock-and-rolling! From 0 subscribers few months ago I have now more than 4,000 followers, with more than 785,000 viewers a month! Much of them I follow back.


Even if my followers have different interests than mine, I follow them back as long as those ones have nothing to do with porno. Having different interests and sharing them back and forward is fun and sometimes a learning experience.

Delicious Salmon and Creamy Feta Cucumbers Recipe #390

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Bloggers Rant about Instagram Being Ruined 5 Solutions

bloggers instagram rant


Bloggers Rant:


A Little Ranting (and Honesty) About Instagram Growth


Sometimes I feel like the blogging community is a sisterhood of unstoppable ladies (and some gents) who can do anything and who support each other no matter what! Sometimes I feel like the blogging community is full of nothing but Regina George clones (or worse, Regina George clones in sheep’s clothing…aka Taylor Swifts) and it makes me crazy.

I can never really decide which is more accurate and this is probably the biggest reason why I’ve had approximately 4 blogs over my adult life (2 of which were fairly popular) and just up and deleted them after I got tired of the bulls*t. I’m not at that point now but I did want to address a few things and since this is my blog, I figured this was a better place than Instagram to rant. 


Read more here


Bloggers Rant about Instagram Being Ruined 5 Solutions 2


Are social media influencers ruining Instagram?


Yes Definitely.

Instagram is a photo sharing application. In the beginning individual uses share pictures without any hashtag but now hashtags are used on such a large scale to reach the wider audience and influencers are abusing it.


Those who have more than 10,000 follower are turning into influencers. For good looking individual and especially girls is an easy job to get so much followers.


Read more here

Bloggers Rant about Instagram Being Ruined 5 Solutions 3


Well, there’S a solution for everything in this life, and hence to make your Instagram account grow again, get it fixed and unstuck:

1. Use hashtags the right way and frequently.

Hashtags link your photo to targeted communities, niches and keywords that people search for like #healthybreakfastideas in cooking niches. These communities, groups and people searching for content that’s relevant to them are less likely to see your posts without hashtags.


2. A CTA (call to action) tells your followers what to do next. For businesses, that “next step” should be signing up for a newsletter, going to your website or buying your product/service.


Bloggers Rant about Instagram Being Ruined 5 Solutions 4


3. Have good context in the caption


4. Have a strategy for Instagram


5. When your content is stale, well, it is discouraging. Make it diverse!

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We Have Reached 500+ Followers Thank You!

We Have Reached 500+ Followers Thank You! 5

From the bottom of my heart to all of you: Thank you! Thank you for all the support, your subscriptions, your likes, your interesting, intelligent, funny comments.

You all are excellent bloggers and it is an honor for me to be in contact with all of you, where ever you are in the world.

I also want to thank all my readers who do not blog but who they visit my site and subscribe via email and to my newsletter.

Thank you to all those who have donated to my site. Thank you for your trust and your loyalty.

If you like my blog and blog posts please follow my blog.

Just Being Alive is Wonderful

Born, live, grow up (some people mentally evolve, some others “devolve” ), die, and everything we breath in between: pain, laughter, sorrow, happiness, abandonment, love. We can make it, survive and enjoy life. Then we have to get ready to move on, to change rooms, to start living in the Big Picture that awaits each on of us.

In the meantime: Just Being Alive is Wonderful!


Just Being Alive is Wonderful 6


Just Being Alive is Wonderful 7


Just Being Alive is Wonderful 8


Just Being Alive is Wonderful 9

One of my Many Pet Peeves Troop vs Trooper or Soldier

One of my Many Pet Peeves Troop vs Trooper or Soldier 10

English is not my native language, Spanish is. I also speak Italian, Portuguese and I am fluent one hundred percent in all these languages. But I admit that I make typos and several mistakes when I write in my non-native languages, but I always try to learn and speak better, even in Spanish and I am always willing to learn from my mistakes. That is why I am a serious critic of misconduct in expressions in the languages mentioned above.

So here it goes, my pet peeve of today: Troop VS Trooper

I often hear reporters on American TV channels talking about “troops”. The first time when I listened to that word being misused was when the war in Afghanistan was being announced by different TV reporters back in October 2001.

They were mentioning the amount of “troops” that President George Bush was sending. I was astonished! They said ten thousand of them were parting from USA. So I started to make my own calculations and said well, if a troop has a minimum of 3 to 5 platoons;

One platoon has 2 to 4 squads, and each squad has 10 to 14 troopers or soldiers, then a platoon has about 50 soldiers, then a troop has a minimum of 250 men. If President George Bush was sending 10,000 troops then he was sending about 2, 500,000 (two and a half million) soldiers or troopers!

And next week they said more “troops” were leaving to the Middle East. By then I knew how erroneous and non-well educated in their own language they were: when they were saying “troops” they were referring to a singular, to one man, which is wrong.

For some English speakers a “trooper” is a mounted soldier. For others, a “trooper” is a policeman who patrols the roads of a U.S. state in a car.

As to “how a plural word becomes singular,” the answer has to be “by being used that way.”

However, just because a usage is widespread or has been added to a dictionary doesn’t mean that it is worth adopting.

Orwell’s objection to the use of inflated Latin words applies to the use of troop to stand for soldier.

The worst thing of all is that 17 years have gone by and I still hear it and read it. I can´t stop stupidity!

A Beast for the Ages — Discover

A Beast for the Ages — Discover 11

Why do we love (and fear, and kill) polar bears with so much intensity? At Longreads, Michael Engelhard, a wilderness guide and anthropologist, looks into the Arctic predator’s grip on our imagination.

via A Beast for the Ages — Discover