This is Where Hawaiian Chocolate comes from

…from this tropical and exotic tree plant:

This is Where Hawaiian Chocolate comes from 1

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

“Lower-quality cacao beans often get mixed in with premium varieties on their way to becoming chocolate bars, truffles, sauces and liqueurs.”

“But the stakes for policing the chocolate industry are high. It’s a multi-billion dollar global enterprise, and in some places, it’s as much art as business. There’s also a conservation angle to knowing whether products are truly what confectioners claim them to be.”

Exotic Flowers for Exotic Bees

Lots of flowers provide abundant nectar and pollen for bees. All Bees get all of their carbohydrates from floral nectar, and all of their protein from floral pollen.

Exotic Flowers for Exotic Bees 5
Dra. Martha A. Castro Noriega, MD

Bees rely on flowers to supply them with the food they need to survive. Some flowers (e.g. tomatoes) provide only pollen, the main source of protein for bees. Other flowers (e.g. clovers) provide both nectar and pollen, thus providing both protein and

Exotic Food and Flowers

This exotic dish is not native of Mexico, it was brought from either Japan or South China. Hibiscus flowers also known as jamaica and arrived in Mexico in the colonial times and are now deeply integrated into Mexican cuisine.
In these light tacos, the tart and bright flowers are mixed with roasted potatoes (regular or the sweet kind), your choice of shredded chicken or beef (you can add pieces of shrimp instead if you like) and sautéed vegetables before being wrapped in a lettuce leaf “tortilla.”

Exotic Food and Flowers 6
Dra. Martha A. Castro Noriega

Exotic Rare Beautiful Rose Pokérose

This exotic flower is an heirloom rare White Black Red Tri-color Rose with white eye. It has won awards in different parts of the world: USA, Australia, Italy and others. It is considered a multicolored black pearl rose RARÍSSIMA giardino aiuola. Common name known as “THE PÓKÉROSE”

Someone admiring this rose said: “If a guy gave me one of these flowers, I would stay with him all my life” This rose inspires not only pure admiration, but love.

Exotic Rare Beautiful Rose Pokérose 7

Juliette Binoche Beauty Inside and Out

Juliette Binoche Beauty Inside and Out 8
Juliette Binoche

One of the most beautiful women in the world, ever, and I mean, ever, is the one and only Juliette Binoche. She is a preeminent, a transcendent actress I may add, who has superb qualities. She is a polyglot who knows the world and lives in it with intensity and dignity. Oh, and she loves quotes, like I do.

“What I love the most about this crazy life is the adventure of it”—Juliette Binoche