Luxury Gifts Ideas for Father’s Day for all Kinds of Taste even for Metro-Sexual Dads Make him Smile!

MASSAGE RELAXATION SPA DAYLuxury Gifts Ideas for Father's Day for all Kinds of Taste even for Metro-Sexual Dads Make him Smile! 1

Dads don’t need much. Just a little gift to know that their work is appreciated. BUT if you really wanted to, he probably wouldn’t mind if you took the time to look around to get him something more suitable to his likings:

  1. Is he a geeky dad?
  2. Is he the executive type?
  3. Does he love sports, and what kind?
  4. Is he metro-sexual and super-neat?
  5. Does he like traveling?
  6. Does he like music, plays a certain musical instrument?
  7. Maybe your dad is the scientific one?


Luxury Gifts Ideas for Father's Day for all Kinds of Taste even for Metro-Sexual Dads Make him Smile! 2

Think of all the things Dad did for you: Life lessons, guidance, and unconditional love. Maybe your dad would love an expensive drone that will show up all the other dads at the park. Or a super-slick TV that doesn’t look like all the others.


Luxury Gifts Ideas for Father's Day for all Kinds of Taste even for Metro-Sexual Dads Make him Smile! 3

A great idea would be to give him a gift card for him to spend in a relaxing environment like a spa, so he can get a massage with herbs and lotions, facial masks, a haircut, sauna, and then go with him and the whole family to a fancy restaurant for dinner.

Send your dad to the country or place he has always dreamed of visiting and he has never been able to go for one reason or another. You can find out when he has time off and which are his plans. I assure you, he will be very happy.


Luxury Gifts Ideas for Father's Day for all Kinds of Taste even for Metro-Sexual Dads Make him Smile! 4


Longevity: Want to Live Forever?

I am very active in my LINKEDIN account. I just published my latest medical article there and want to share it here:

Cyclist Frenchman Robert Marchand set a new world record when he cycled 22.547 kilometers (about 14 miles) in an hour — at the age of 105. “I am not here to be champion. I am here to prove that at 105 years old you can still ride a bike,” Marchand said.

Longevity: Want to Live Forever? 6

Longevity is associated to genetic factors, but a healthy attitude and lifestyle contribute greatly to your lifespan.

“The most difficult problem is to get enough old people, especially those aged 100 or more, to take part in such a study. Interestingly, the genetic effects are much more evident in 100-year-olds than in 95-year-olds”, notes the first author of the report, Dr. Friederike Flachsbart of the Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology at Kiel University.
A research group in the Faculty of Medicine at the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel (CAU) has now confirmed this assumption by comparing DNA samples taken from 388 German centenarians with those from 731 younger people.

Previously, in September 2008, an American research team led by Bradley J. Willcox had published in PNAS a study that indicated a higher frequency of this genetic variation in long-lived Americans of Japanese origin (ages 95 and above). Professor Almut Nebel, the scientific leader of the “Research Group for Healthy Ageing” at Kiel, comments:

“That published result is only of scientific value if it can be confirmed in a study with an independently chosen sample population. Without that there must still remain a tinge of doubt. We have now eliminated that uncertainty about the connection between FOXO3A and longevity, both by our results from the German sample study and by the support from our French partners in Paris, whose research on French centenarians showed the same trend. This discovery is of particular importance as there are genetic differences between Japanese and European people. We can now conclude that this gene is probably important as a factor in longevity throughout the world.”

Mujeres Deportistas Exitosas y Bellas

Los hombres deportitstas tienen cuerpos esculturales. La práctica del ciclismo, del atletismo, la natación y otros deportes, fortalece los músculos y moldea el cuerpo de una forma bella.

Las mujeres ciclistas no se quedan atrás, y es por eso que el día de hoy quiero mostrar lo que practicar deportes puede hacer por tu cuerpo, no sólo proporcionarte los beneficios de los cuales he hablado una y otra vez: oxigenación cerebral potente, mejora tu actitud frente a la vida, positivismo, motivación, fortalece el corazón y el metabolismo en general. También te forma un cuerpo maravilloso y moldeado casi a la perfección si lo practicas con regularidad.

Mujeres Deportistas Exitosas y Bellas 7

Mujeres Deportistas Exitosas y Bellas 8

Mujeres Deportistas Exitosas y Bellas 9

Te Gustan Los Gatos?

Si te gustan los gatos tanto como a mí me han gustado por 30 años, entonces sé que adoptas, adoras, cuidas, admiras, amas y respetas a cualquier gatico o gatica, de cualquier color y raza, no importa su forma de ser, tratas de entenderlo/a, aprender de ellos y cuidarlos siempre, a toda costa, porque la felicidad que ellos nos dan se lleva por siempre en el corazón nuestro.

Te Gustan Los Gatos? 10

Te Gustan Los Gatos? 11

Te Gustan Los Gatos? 12

Te Gustan Los Gatos? 13

Get Your Bicycle Cycling Season is Here!

Time to blog more about cycling…cycling season has come back, with glorious fury :)  And I am getting ready to pedal my way around the world!

This is the bicycle I am riding tomorrow: 50 km to start to warm up, that include flats, false-flats and 7 km of 8-12% climbing. Easy start.

Get Your Bicycle Cycling Season is Here! 14


Belgian Cyclist Michael Goolaerts Dies Today after Paris-Roubaix

My condolences to his family and all cyclists who love this sport. A great loss today in the professional cycling community and all of us amateur cyclists. Rest in peace.

The Belgian cyclist Michael Goolaerts, 23 years old, has died in hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest during Sunday’s Paris-Roubaix race.

Belgian Cyclist Michael Goolaerts Dies Today after Paris-Roubaix 15

The 23-year-old’s death was confirmed by Véranda’s Willems-Crelan in a statement on their Twitter account.

Goolaerts was taken to a hospital after receiving CPR treatment on the side of the road after a crash.

The statement from Véranda’s Willems-Crelan read: “It is with unimaginable sadness that we have to communicate the passing of our rider and friend Michael Goolaerts. He passed away on Sunday evening at 22.40 in Lille hospital in the presence of his family members and loved ones, who we keep in our thoughts. He died of cardiac arrest, all medical assistance was to no avail.”

The race was won by the Slovakian world champion Peter Sagan.

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C’est avec une tristesse inimaginable que nous devons annoncer que notre coureur et ami Michael Goolaerts est décédé” ce dimanche “à 22h40 à l’hôpital de Lille, en présence de sa famille et de ses proches“, a tweeté l’équipe belge.

Plus d’informations sur ces nouvelles ici

A Photo A Week Challenge: I’d Rather Be Cycling

I needed some house repairing tools and wanted a palm tree, but I was not in the mood to drive the car and get into traffic. So I decided to do what I really love to do: cycling. Really, I rather be cycling than driving, all-the-time. So I grabbed my bike that has a rack attached to it and rode away to Home Depot!

On my way to the store I was pedaling fast, breathing, puffing and doing my usual “dancing on the bike”. After pedaling 16.7 miles (26.72 kms) I got to the store,  secured my bike, went into the store and bought what I wanted. Time to go back  🚲 🚲 🚲

I go to my bike to get everything ready to go back home. Using some high-quality stretch elastic bungee cord hooks I bought I tie the palm to the bike and to my surprise I rode without the palm moving to the sides at all, it was pretty secure!
The 16.7 miles (26.72 kms) back home were so awesome and full of fun that I hardly felt the heavy weight I was carrying on my backpack, and the palm tree loved the ride!
I felt proud of myself knowing that I could carry in my bicycle everything I bought, and rode a total of 33.4 miles (53.44 kms) with no problem, enjoying every second of it.

A Photo A Week Challenge: I'd Rather Be Cycling 16

I Rather Be Cycling Than Driving

Welcome to My New Forum!

I am starting 2018 with new fresh ideas for my blog. I am adding a forum to it, where everybody who loves interesting conversations is welcome.

I enjoy talking to others about different topics and themes, that is why I created this forum. If you like to chat, exchange ideas and opinions, even intelligent and respectful debating, this forum is definitely for you.

Welcome to My New Forum! 17

Cycling Makes Beauty

Bicycling can help improve your heart health as it is essentially an aerobic exercise. The oxygen depletion in the muscles will push the heart to supply more oxygenated blood, thereby making it work faster. Along with your heart, bicycling also make your blood vessels and lungs work well, which helps to boost your heart health. Bicycling also makes you look stunning!

Cycling Makes Beauty 18


Cycling Makes Beauty 19

Cycling Makes Beauty 20