Cycling Blog and Forum Promotion

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Cycling Makes Beauty

Bicycling can help improve your heart health as it is essentially an aerobic exercise. The oxygen depletion in the muscles will push the heart to supply more oxygenated blood, thereby making it work faster. Along with your heart, bicycling also make your blood vessels and lungs work well, which helps to boost your heart health. Bicycling…

Beauty in Bicycles

Bicycles can be a lot of things to a lot of people. A mode of transportation, a way to build community, a way to keep in shape, a sport, or an extension of their personal style. But if your bike is an extension of your personal style and your style tends towards the more glamorous side of…

This is what Tour De France Cyclists Eat

The 104 th edition of this Grand Tour de France started on July 1 and will continue until July 23. Each cyclist burns between 5000-7000 calories per day/per stage, due to the great physical effort and output, sprinting, climbing mountains, all that combined makes them burn thousands of calories which they need to replenish with…

Flowers and Bicycles

Cycling is a wonderful physical activity, hobby, sport or a way of life. I love cycling in all its forms. Pedaling my bicycles has taken me to places of wonder, then my brain takes pictures of beauty and my heart rejoices.