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People Born on February 9, Famous and Interesting – Have fun!

PEOPLE BORN ON THIS DAY:   Wilhelm Maybach, 1846 (Auto Pioneer)   Among interesting people born on this day, I have to mention: German engineer and engine designer, who invented the spray carburettor and was the chief designer of the first Mercedes automobiles (1900-01).   At age 26, he began designing cars with Gottlieb Daimler and Nikolaus Otto, with whom he developed…

Wasting Your Life Away? Be Happy Now! Motivational Video P 346

WASTING YOUR LIFE AWAY? Then start living now, breathing now, be absolutely conscious of your living state at every moment of your life, every second.   [su_animate type=”shake” duration=”20″]LIVE HERE AND NOW….BREATHE![/su_animate]     You waste your life away when you constantly replay the past in your mind, when you imagine a future and live…

The Importance of Saying Thank You and Being Kind

Being kind to one another is very important for the health of the mind, and thus for our heart, gastrointestinal tract and our general immune system. Let us not forget that being grateful comes for what we receive either by intent, gift or hard work comes with blessings and for that we should be thankful….

Most Beautiful Great Rarities to See Visit in Ireland

Ireland is a great country to visit or to make it your home permanently. It is a wonderful place in the world, it robs your soul completely with its fantastic paradises, nature and the warmth of its people. If you plan to go there you have to stay for at least 3 or 4 weeks…