4 Beautiful Tropical Flowers of Hawaii for you to Forget Sadness Today

Join My Pinterest Nature Board Plumeria is a sweet-smelling flower that beautifies Hawaiian leis. Plumeria Passion flowers are a familiar celebratory sight at graduations, are a water-wise option, meaning they can tolerate dry conditions while flourishing in full sun. Pikake (Jasmine sambac) Ohia Lehua Hibiscus Plumeria MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL (growing, one subscriber at a time)

Flowers and Coffee Delicious Beauty to Make You Happy!

“Live on coffee and flowers, try not to worry what the weather will be”-—Matt Berninger FLOWERS ILLUMINATE MY DAY! Coffee and flower, a wonderful combination. What’s more, I will make some interesting and beautiful quotes’ inspiration in this leisure time. “THE POWERS OF A MAN’S MIND ARE DIRECTLY PROPORTIONED TO THE QUANTITY OF COFFEE HE…

Exotic Rare Beautiful Rose “The Pókérose”

This exotic flower is an heirloom rare White Black Red Tri-color Rose with white eye. It has won awards in different parts of the world: USA, Australia, Italy and others. It is considered a multicolored black pearl rose RARÍSSIMA giardino aiuola. Common name known as “THE PÓKÉROSE” Someone admiring this rose said: “If a guy gave me…

Black Plumerias 4 Most Exotic Beautiful Types

Red Black    Frangipanis (also known as Plumerias) are relatively small trees growing only to about 5-6m in height, but what they lack in height they make up in width often becoming as wide as they are tall.   Black Hawaiian They have a well-behaved root system which makes them great for the home garden…

Flowers and Bicycles

Cycling is a wonderful physical activity, hobby, sport or a way of life. I love cycling in all its forms. Pedaling my bicycles has taken me to places of wonder, then my brain takes pictures of beauty and my heart rejoices.