Violence? Hate? No, I Am Not Interested One Bit – A #412

violence dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico



Violence and hate: brutal behaviour and intense aversion coming from extreme anger. That is the definition of two barbarousness acts and feelings happening in our world. And I don’t want any part of it.

violence dra martha castro noriega tijuana


I reject all lack of kindness in my life. Because that is no way to live.


My life is too precious to waste it having resentment, hate, being violent or unkind. That is why is imperative to be surrounded by people who embrace the same values I do.


violence dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico


I want: peace, loyalty, honesty, respect, compassion, kindness, sincerity. I want to give it all, I want to get it all. It goes both ways, remember that.



violence dra martha castro noriega tijuana


The more we watch violent TV shows, play bloody games where killing is the goal. The more we participate in digital conversations spreading hate and attacking others -that many times we don’t even know physically-, the more damage we cause to our brain and our general well being.


I choose happiness, I choose love. I say no to violence, I say no to hate.



Karma Is Not a Bitch – A #402

karma dra martha castro

“What goes around comes around” is the phrase that comforts most people when they’re in an unfair situation or any other situation in which they have no control over.


If you ask most people what karma is all about they will say something like, “It is punishment for past wrongs.” Or “What you do to others will come back to you.”




Karma Is Not a Bitch -  A #402 1


The concept of karma is very old and has its origin in ancient India. However, many Buddhist and Hinduist schools of thought use different definitions.


However, many people still have a need for an outside authority that punishes and rewards. This is apparent in the way many religions are still interpreted and practiced.

For generations, our ancestors believed in a judging and punishing god. Subconsciously we still project the image of a judging authority on a teacher, a set of religious or philosophical beliefs, or a concept like karma. This way, we just take away the old judging deity and replace it with another.


It’s seen as a sort of cause and effect; a universal system of justice against your crimes.


In fact, some people count on it for vengeance.

The original Buddhist idea of karma based on reincarnation is even more problematic with respect to evidence.

Nothing out of the ordinary happens much. Everything happens for a reason, sure, but that reason hasn’t been proven to be a spiritual or a mystical one. Everything happens for a reason because of cause and effect. That cause and effect is determined by probability.


In history, there have been legions of people who have done good deeds for their families and other people while still living lives of quiet desperation. What do infants do to deserve being abandoned by their parents, or being killed in car accidents?

At the other end, there are despotic leaders like Stalin and predatory criminals like Jack the Ripper who got to the end of their lives without any particularly dire consequences.


These examples do not prove that there is no such thing as karma, but should combine with the lack of evidence for karma to support the conclusion that karma is just a myth. The belief that what goes around comes around is just wishful thinking.


CONCLUSION: Karma is not a bitch. It is a myth. It doesn’t exist. 


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Tend To Love More Care More Hate Less Poem #5



True love trumps hate, it is loyal, sincere, it tells you the truth no matter what it is, it does not hurt and if it does by mistake, it repairs the damage with care.

Let  your heart flow in the midst of compassion and honesty. Hate destroys and corrupts, and it is better to keep it away from our minds and our homes.

Instead, think of goodness towards your human fellow, the animals and insects that beautify your garden: butterflies, birds. They will beautify your soul too.


love matters.


Tend To Love More Care More Hate Less Poem #5 2


Tend To Love More Care More Hate Less Poem #5 3


Tend To Love More Care More Hate Less Poem #5 4



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Charles Chaplin About Hate – A 344



Hate and Charlie Chaplin


Charles Chaplin About Hate - A 344 5

Charles Chaplin About Hate - A 344 6


Charles Chaplin About Hate - A 344 7


According to data compiled in August last year, more than 14,000 cases were registered on charges of disseminating hatred speech and hatred material. Though these details are extensive, questions have surfaced about the ‘media-coated’ hatred speech which is being practised by a particular group of unscrupulous individuals.


On feeling physically threatened by hatred speech


Not only threatened. You can feel emotionally disturbed. You can feel psychic trauma, which can have physiological manifestations. You can feel silenced. These are all real harms that may be suffered by people who are subject to hatred speech that is not punishable.



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1 Dalai Lama Quote to Live By Life-Changing Inspirational

Dalai Lama Quotes are Inspirational!


You own your life. Don’t let other to bring you down!

Dalai Lama quotes

We can’t control what other people do, say or think.  We can’t make someone else act with honesty, loyalty, integrity. All we can control is our behaviour and act with good morals and respect.

When someone else does something dishonest, disrespectful or unkind we can only control our reaction to it. Sometimes walking away is the best thing to do to avoid aggressive behaviour. The way we conduct ourselves in rough times is the way we show the kind of person that we are.



1 Dalai Lama Quote to Live By Life-Changing Inspirational 8

Unfortunately we live in a world where there are some people who will lash out at others in jealousy, envy, hate or greed or plain old meanness.  And no matter how good a person you are, there will always be those who try to tear you down as best they can.

Always have in mind that regardless of what anyone else does or says, we can always choose to take the high road. We can always choose to continue to act with integrity and kindness.  And at the end of the day it is taking that high road that will bring us inner peace, even among the havoc and turmoil that others may try to create.

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Things I Hate About Cycling

Things I Hate About Cycling 10

I love cycling, but these are the things I do not like about cycling:

1. Men cyclists trying to race me when they know perfectly well  I am a cyclist woman  (I have long hair), and especially when they are in their twenties. I am in my 50’s. But I get pumped up and annoyed and I start pedaling my bike so fast that I pass them every single time. 

2. When I am all ready and dressed up to go out for my usual bike ride and the weather decides I should stay home and starts pouring rain!

3. I am pedaling my bike, climbing up a hill, minding my own business and suddenly a cyclist approaches me and begins to give me “cycling lessons”: “you should do this, don’t do that, blah blah blah….” Seriously, some cyclists are so pedantically obnoxious. By now, I completely disregard him, start pedaling fast and leaving him behind, or tell him on his face that I have cycled and raced for 26 years and tell him off.

4. Other cyclists (male cyclists) telling me: “you look so pretty and thin today” “you are gaining some weight back…” “those legs look sexy”. Gee, can they see me as a cyclist, only, please?

5. I don’t like it when I had planned to pedal some 40 to 50 kilometers, I am all pumped up at the 20 or 30 km and then I feel one of my wheels hitting the road flat, pedaling is harder and I know my front or back tire IS FLAT!!

6. I hate it when the weather is beautiful, my physical condition ready to pedal 50 to 80 km the next day. I go to bed early and when I wake up at 4:30 am the evil sneezing and the painful sore throat start. I know I have to stay home so I don’t make it worse and recover faster.

7. I hate when drivers of automobiles scream things at me like: move! get out of the road! …. even worse, when they try to hit me to make me fall (they have never been successful -I have great reflexes)

8. Don’t like it when my bike hits a pothole full of water and I get wet.

9. I hate when friends or relatives agree to meet me at certain time in the morning (usually 5 or 6 am) for a bike ride and they show up late or not at all.

10. I couldn’t think about anything else “I hate about cycling”. There are dozens of things I love about cycling! 🤩