Stay At Home and Give Yourself a Break

Take this “stay at home” time to take a break. Taking a break from routine can be very healing mentally, physically. It is time to loosen up some time and take a break to re-calibrate our life. My reaction… LOL Are you an introvert or an extrovert? FOLLOW ME ON BitChute

Baby Born to a Covid-19 Positive Mother Hope in the Midst of Chaos

“If you believe in yourself, everything is possible. Live the life of your dreams. Let it be!”—dramacn HOPE: LEONARDO born to a positive mother at Covid-19 It’s truly a ray of sunshine, the first child to come into the world in the midst of this health emergency at Versilia hospital in Italy. His crying is…

4 Beautiful Tropical Flowers of Hawaii for you to Forget Sadness Today

Join My Pinterest Nature Board Plumeria is a sweet-smelling flower that beautifies Hawaiian leis. Plumeria Passion flowers are a familiar celebratory sight at graduations, are a water-wise option, meaning they can tolerate dry conditions while flourishing in full sun. Pikake (Jasmine sambac) Ohia Lehua Hibiscus Plumeria MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL (growing, one subscriber at a time)

Never Give Up Stay Hopeful and Safe!

“If you believe in yourself, everything is possible. Live the life of your dreams. Let it be!”—dramacn Images to brighten your day Auroras In Norway It lights up my heart! Enjoy the beauty of the universe

Encouragement in these Difficult Times? Yes, pass it around!

Are you emotionally fatigued due to constant stress and frustration regarding these difficult pandemic times? Remember that you are not alone, and that we can all, with kindness, willingness and respect, overcome any global problem. SHARE HOPE! Give Thumbs Up to this cute kitty!

Caturday: 5 Wonderful Cute and Odd Cat Images …. For You to Be Happy!

CATURDAY! …even when it’s not a Saturday 😻😀😹💙💚💖🌈 A little bit sad today? tsk tsk, SMILE! Life is beautiful, with all its pointy-painful rocks we find along our path, life is still worth living. Sometimes watching a cute loving video can make our day, or looking at images that we like, it can be soothing…