5 Crazy Diets That Make You Lose Weight … or Not … LOL Have Fun! – Part #1

crazy diets dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico

There is no great secret to lose weight. Small portions, healthy delicious meals and daily physical activity, in other words: avoid sedentarism.


We all know that, right? But many people want that “miracle” diet that is going to make us lose a ton of pounds/kilograms in 5 or 10 days and never gain it -the weight- back! 


So, to have some fun, I have searched on the web for some crazy diets that people do. Some of them are really outrageously funny!


NOTE: I advice you NOT to follow any of these diets. I do not recommend them since they are not healthy and do not follow serious medical protocol research. This post is just for our weekend amusement.




1. The Baby Food Diet

It replaces few of your food items with baby food (also means you poop like a baby). This one might seem easy, but trust me it’s like giving the taste of hell to your tongue. Having boiled, pureed veggies for 10 days without salt or any other spices can be a real tough task to perform. The things people do to lose weight!


crazy diets dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico


2. The Beer and Sausage Diet


Call this the Tailgater’s Diet. Evo Terra, 44, an online exec in Tempe, Arizona, dropped from 195 to 177 pounds in 30 days consuming an average of about 1,500 calories a day—mostly from high-quality sausage and craft ale.



crazy diets dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico


3. Miracle Diet

For this diet, one must consume only fruits for 2 days minimum. Also known as the Hollywood diet, this diet is all about making your body run on fruits or fruit juice for a span of 48 hours, minimum. 


crazy diets dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico


4. The Starbucks Diet


Stealing Jared’s strategy, Christine Hall, 66, a librarian from Alexandria, Virginia, lost more than 75 pounds over two years by eating only at Starbucks and sticking to about a 1,000-calorie per day diet. “Over time, scanning the calorie data helped me adjust my portion sizes,” she says. 


crazy diets dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico

5. The Eggs and Dessert Diet

You can have your cake and lose your gut too, a recent Tel Aviv University study found. People on 1,600 calories a day who ate a carb-and protein-rich breakfast that also included a dessert lost the same amount of weight (an average of 30 pounds over 4 months) as people on a low-carb diet (and no dessert).