Funny Memes to Make You Laugh and Think Part 1

Okay?! I Wouldn’t Doubt it! What should you do if no one laughs at your chemistry jokes? Keep telling them until you get a reaction. Would You Dare to Find Out? Can anybody fake smartity…maybe you are really smart?! Moses did it first! Bill Gates just stole Moses tech! Thank you for reading this post….

Laugh and Lower Your Stress Today with these Funny Memes!

Laughing and making life less serious is key for a better happier life. So, why not take advantage of these memes today to laugh. Later when you go to work remember that life is present for us to live. THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE KITTIES πŸ˜† LOVE IS IN THE AIR ….. 🎡🎡🎡🎼🎼🎼 Whaaaaaaaaaat!…