Charlie Chaplin 4 Comedy Videos – for You to Be Happy Today !

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I am a huge fan of Charlie Chaplin. He truly was a genius. I don’t know how one man could write, produce, direct, star in and compose such BEAUTIFUL music for his movies.


I really wish I could have known him. I also have great compassion for the life he had to endure growing up. It just breaks my heart. You can see the sadness in his eyes that he carried with him all his life. He is more than worth watching…he is amazing…!


The Kid- Charlie Chaplin Best Scenes





Food Fight – So Funny!





Modern Times – Rolling Skating Video




The Gold Rush – Eating his Shoe




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Climb Every Mountain Inspiring Song, Debate Me, Do Not Fear! A – 366



climb every mountain


Enjoying a Barbra Streisand concert on cable, delightful voice and musical interpretation. She sang a song from the “Sound Of Music”, beautifully, magnificent. But I have a problem with a part of the lyrics of this song.

I will tell you first a little bit of my musical experience so you know why I dare to criticize (in a constructive way, of course) the lyrics of this song.


Climb Every Mountain Inspiring Song, Debate Me, Do Not Fear! A - 366 1


I happen to be a musician. I play the guitar and sing very well, actually. I sang professionally in my youth to pay for my medical career. I studied music, singing lessons and musical composicion: music and lyrics, in Bellas Artes in Mexico City. So I think I have a very good idea of what I am talking about, but I am always open for a healthy debate and to change my mind if somebody is willing to explain to me why I am wrong in my assertion about this song:

“Climb Every Mountain” — Written by Rodgers And Hammerstein.

This show tune was written for the 1959 musical “The Sound of Music” and sung by the Mother Abbess.

The problem I have with, is highlighted and I will tell you why below the lyrics:

Climb every mountain
Ford every stream
Follow every rainbow
‘Till you find your dream

It should say “reach” your dream, not find your dream. You already need to have found your dream, this is “know” your dream, then climb every mountain, until you reach it. And I don’t see any problem with the rhyme. Changing the word find to reach would not affect the tune nor the octaves, but it would make a lot more sense, and it would have more psychological and inspirational impact, in my opinion.

What do you think?


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Oscars 2019 Excitement Fashion Gossip and Tons of Fun!



I think that Melissa McCarthy should win the Oscars 2019 for best actress in a movie that doesn’t have the best screen play. A movie were the topic and theme are overrated. I personally love the movie, yes, but NOT for an Oscar, however, McCarthy should win the prize. She deserves it. She is the best among the nominees.


Oscars 2019 Excitement Fashion Gossip and Tons of Fun! 2


This doesn’t mean that I don’t like Glenn Close. In fact, I adore her, but, her acting in this movie “The Wife” was one of her worst, or better said yet, the only movie I have seen her act really poorly, compared to many others were she has been brilliant. But we all know that the Oscars are politics and favoritisms and the “why we haven’t given an Oscar to Glenn Close before? She deserves one now”


Now, do not let me start talking about Yalitzia Aparicio. She doesn’t deserve to be among the nominees for Best Leading actress. It is a gross disparity to put her with Glenn Close, McCarthy, Lady Gaga and Olivia Colman. However, I truly think that she -Yalitzia Aparicio- should win for BEST NEW ACTRESS nomination and win the Oscar prize. She is great and I think she is going to have a great future in Hollywood should she pursue the acting career. I wish her the best. 


MY FAVORITE MOVIE TO WIN: ROMA  Definitely, hands down!



Oscars 2019 Excitement Fashion Gossip and Tons of Fun! 3


My favorite BEST SONG: SHALLOW by Lady Gaga


This song HAS to win. The lyrics, the musical notes, the orchestra, the musical direction, Lady Gaga’s singing and interpretation, the soul of the song is in it and in me. Oh man, IT HAS TO WIN. It is a great musical piece of art!





I am sure that most of the actresses today will be wearing completely bespoke dresses designed specifically for them by top designers. They are already showing off how good they look at the different luncheons, gatherings and interviews they have had previous tonight’s Oscars!


oscars 2019




The Oscars 2019 nominations, announced on January 22, largely mirrored this year’s awards season. Roma and The Favourite lead the pack, with 10 nominations each and featuring in the major categories. Both are up for Best Picture, along with Green Book, Vice, A Star Is Born, BlackkKlansman, Black Panther and Bohemian Rhapsody.




The big acting prizes see Olivia Colman (for The Favourite), Lady Gaga (for A Star Is Born), Melissa McCarthy (for Can You Ever Forgive Me?), Glenn Close (for The Wife) and Yalitza Aparicio (for Roma) nominated, and Christian Bale (for Vice), Bradley Cooper (for A Star Is Born), Willem Dafoe (for At Eternity’s Gate), Rami Malek (for Bohemian Rhapsody) and Viggo Mortensen (for Green Book) receiving Best Actor nods.




Oscars 2019 Excitement Fashion Gossip and Tons of Fun! 4


In the supporting categories, Amy Adams (for Vice), Emma Stone (for The Favourite), Rachel Weisz (for The Favourite), Marina De Tavira (for Roma) and Regina King (for If Beale Street Could Talk) will go head to head for Best Supporting Actress, while Mahershala Ali (for Green Book), Richard E Grant (for Can You Ever Forgive Me?), Adam Driver (for Blackkklansman), Sam Rockwell (for Vice) and Sam Elliott (for A Star Is Born) are nominated for Best Supporting Actor.


Oscars 2019 Excitement Fashion Gossip and Tons of Fun! 5



For Best Original Song, “The Place Where Lost Things Go” (Mary Poppins Returns), “Shallow” (A Star Is Born), “All the Stars” (Black Panther), “When A Cowboy Trades His Spurs For Wings” (The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs) and “I’ll Fight” (RBG) are all nominees.


As with this year’s BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations, there is a notable absence of women on the Best Director list. Alfonso Cuaron for Roma, Spike Lee for BlacKkKlansman, Adam McKay for Vice, Yorgos Lanthimos for The Favourite, and Pawel Pawlikowski for Cold War make up this year’s nominees.


Read entire article HERE

See the full list of Oscars 2019 nominations HERE.


Oscars 2019 Excitement Fashion Gossip and Tons of Fun! 6

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Monday of Laughs with Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Twitter Diving gif

Actress Gal Gadot posted a very funny diving gif:

Now, this is a perfect dive by Wonder Woman:

Monday of Laughs with Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Twitter Diving gif 7

Actress Jennifer Lawrence Movie Week How Many Stars do you give?

Actress Jennifer Lawrence Movie Week How Many Stars do you give? 8

Jennifer Lawrence famous movie career practically started in 2010, but it´s not until 2016 when I noticed her with the movie Passengers.  A science fiction flick that I find fascinating: the acting and the plot. I would love to be  in that vessel to travel to another planet and reach my destination, thank you very much, not to be awaken from hibernation  by a selfish passenger just for company!

Actress Jennifer Lawrence Movie Week How Many Stars do you give? 9

Anyways, the movie is very good, so I think. I like the way the writers ended it, it gives hope to souls who, like me, wish to evolve and live in another planet to start fresh, another world somewhere far from earth.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence Movie Week How Many Stars do you give? 10

I give this movie 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, and you?

However, this guy completely disagrees with me. I find his review of this movie boring, vulgar and distorted.

Wonder Woman Favorite Movie of the Week

Wonder Woman Favorite Movie – Gal Gadot, a splendid actress who interprets Diana Princess of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta,  refines my idea of what the world should be if the majority of us were as pure of heart as she is.

Her strength, her passion and love for our world comes from within, and nothing corrupts her mind nor her spirit.

QUOTES OF ANTIOPE — Aunt of Diana Princess of Themyscira
“You are more powerful than you know, and they fear the day they discover it”

QUOTES OF — Diana Princess of Themyscira
“It is our sacred duty to defend the world.”
“What I do it’s not up to you”
“It’s not about deserve, it’s about what you believe. And I believe in love”
“Only love can save the world”
“This is my mission now, forever”

Wonder Woman Favorite Movie of the Week 11

Wonder Woman Favorite Movie of the Week 12

Wonder Woman Favorite Movie of the Week 13


Wonder Woman IMDB

Coco Wins Best Animated Feature

For Coco to win an Oscar is beyond real. It represents the wonderful culture of Mexico and it is supposed to be a love letter to Mexico, celebrating the country of Mexico that is creative, and fun, and exciting, and full of culture, color, love and courage.
One day I hope, we will all live in peace in this beautiful house we call Mother Earth.

Coco Wins Best Animated Feature 14

Natalia Lafourcade