DANGER: President Trump Suggests Injecting Disinfectants To Cure Covid-19

What President Trump said yesterday was utterly idiotic and absolutely ignorant and dare I say it, misleading and very dangerous: I cannot believe, for the life of me, that a President of a country thinks that injecting disinfectants is a cure. For somebody to say that he/she has to be extremely uneducated or severely mentally…

Celebrating My Birthday! Best Wishes Accepted Thank You!

Life goes on, with or without a lockdown, staying at home or traveling. Life goes on and we have to make the best out of it. So, even when I am getting a little tiny bit older (lol), my body, my mind celebrates greatly another year of life in this wonderful earth of ours. A…

Stay At Home and Give Yourself a Break

Take this “stay at home” time to take a break. Taking a break from routine can be very healing mentally, physically. It is time to loosen up some time and take a break to re-calibrate our life. My reaction… LOL Are you an introvert or an extrovert? FOLLOW ME ON BitChute

Baby Born to a Covid-19 Positive Mother Hope in the Midst of Chaos

“If you believe in yourself, everything is possible. Live the life of your dreams. Let it be!”—dramacn HOPE: LEONARDO born to a positive mother at Covid-19 It’s truly a ray of sunshine, the first child to come into the world in the midst of this health emergency at Versilia hospital in Italy. His crying is…

4 Beautiful Tropical Flowers of Hawaii for you to Forget Sadness Today

Join My Pinterest Nature Board Plumeria is a sweet-smelling flower that beautifies Hawaiian leis. Plumeria Passion flowers are a familiar celebratory sight at graduations, are a water-wise option, meaning they can tolerate dry conditions while flourishing in full sun. Pikake (Jasmine sambac) Ohia Lehua Hibiscus Plumeria MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL (growing, one subscriber at a time)