Beautiful Endangered Flower Ballerina Orchid Australia – P Nature #13

endangered orchid flower dr martha castro noriega tijuana mexico

The Ballerina Orchid has been listed as “Critically  endangered” under the Australian Government.


Australia is quite rich in orchids with more than 1,300 native species (by contrast, there are only about 200 species in all of North America). About 140 of these are leek orchids, and most live in bushland remnants across the south of Australia.

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Delicious Messy Fun Food of the Day and 3 Funny Quotes

Delicious Messy Food


“My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start. So far today, I have finished two bags of M&M’s and a chocolate cake. I feel better already.” —– Dave Barry


“Red meat is NOT bad for you. Now blue-green meat, THAT’S bad for you!” —– Tommy Smothers


Food should be fun – Thomas Keller


Seafood Stew in Half a Grilled Pineapple!


Delicious Messy Fun Food of the Day and 3 Funny Quotes 1


Grilled Flank Steak with Chimichurri Butter


messy food


Shrimp & Gnocchi with Parmesan Cream Sauce


Delicious Messy Fun Food of the Day and 3 Funny Quotes 2


Red Velvet Ice Cream Cone


Delicious Messy Fun Food of the Day and 3 Funny Quotes 3


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4 Ways To Guarantee You Success in Life

My own quote:


“Ways to Make it in life are never shy or apologetic!”

Dr. Martha A. Castro Noriega, MD





4 Ways To Guarantee You Success in Life 4




ways for success




4 Ways To Guarantee You Success in Life 5




4 Ways To Guarantee You Success in Life 6

Of course, we can add hundreds ways more to the list, but it is all up to each one of YOU to know which way is the perfect road to your own success 
May I add, getting away from people who are not at your level of thriving, who are not loyal and they live in constant drama is another fantastic way to continue your path towards success. I will talk more about this interesting topic in another blog post.

Be careful of the masses

Be careful of the masses 7

I would highly recommend that you never blindly follow anyone. Putting your faith in another person, without first knowing for sure that the person can be trusted, is like betting your house on a single roll of the roulette wheel. Not smart!

Henrik Ibsen stated, “The majority is always wrong.” Following the masses, just because you think that they must be right because so many people could not be wrong, is a huge mistake. Remember, the masses are just one letter away from being the asses.

Instead of following the majority, start thinking for yourself. The lazy follow the majority because they do not want to be bothered with the facts. The wise think for themselves and follow their own heart, regardless of what anyone else does.

True Original Italian Neapolitan Pizza


The recipe Pizza Neapolitan is easy to make at home. When I speak of Pizza Neapolitan I mean the one with anchovies and capers. Although Italy is a very small country and where most people speak the same language, there is often a confusion about this subject: a real Neapolitan pizza recipe is always made with strong flavors. In some Italian towns the Neapolitan pizza is rigorously cooked in oven wood and lots of buffalo mozzarella, but just travel a hundred kilometers north of Italy and you will find a Neapolitan pizza made with anchovies, black olive and capers.

ADVICE: Try your real Neapolitan Pizza with Black Olive Oil, true Mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and a glass with wine of your preference.


True Original Italian Neapolitan Pizza 9


True Original Italian Neapolitan Pizza 10


True Original Italian Neapolitan Pizza 11


True Original Italian Neapolitan Pizza 12

Drop Dead Gorgeous Indoor Swimming Pools Designs for your Home

Swimming pools make the body, mind and soul rejoice of beauty, in nature, man-made, in tropical or snowy environments, or indoors. An indoor swimming pool with the right architecture surrounding it, can bring the most pleasure to your life.

When you love swimming pools building your own in your own property is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself.


Drop Dead Gorgeous Indoor Swimming Pools Designs for your Home 13


Drop Dead Gorgeous Indoor Swimming Pools Designs for your Home 14


Drop Dead Gorgeous Indoor Swimming Pools Designs for your Home 15


Drop Dead Gorgeous Indoor Swimming Pools Designs for your Home 16

Longevity: Want to Live Forever?

I am very active in my LINKEDIN account. I just published my latest medical article there and want to share it here:

Cyclist Frenchman Robert Marchand set a new world record when he cycled 22.547 kilometers (about 14 miles) in an hour — at the age of 105. “I am not here to be champion. I am here to prove that at 105 years old you can still ride a bike,” Marchand said.

Longevity: Want to Live Forever? 17

Longevity is associated to genetic factors, but a healthy attitude and lifestyle contribute greatly to your lifespan.

“The most difficult problem is to get enough old people, especially those aged 100 or more, to take part in such a study. Interestingly, the genetic effects are much more evident in 100-year-olds than in 95-year-olds”, notes the first author of the report, Dr. Friederike Flachsbart of the Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology at Kiel University.
A research group in the Faculty of Medicine at the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel (CAU) has now confirmed this assumption by comparing DNA samples taken from 388 German centenarians with those from 731 younger people.

Previously, in September 2008, an American research team led by Bradley J. Willcox had published in PNAS a study that indicated a higher frequency of this genetic variation in long-lived Americans of Japanese origin (ages 95 and above). Professor Almut Nebel, the scientific leader of the “Research Group for Healthy Ageing” at Kiel, comments:

“That published result is only of scientific value if it can be confirmed in a study with an independently chosen sample population. Without that there must still remain a tinge of doubt. We have now eliminated that uncertainty about the connection between FOXO3A and longevity, both by our results from the German sample study and by the support from our French partners in Paris, whose research on French centenarians showed the same trend. This discovery is of particular importance as there are genetic differences between Japanese and European people. We can now conclude that this gene is probably important as a factor in longevity throughout the world.”

How Do You Love To Celebrate Your Birthday?

Yes, we are born, aren’t we? Grow up few months and then, 365 day later: BAM! Parents, grandparents decide to celebrate your first birthday in this earth, “a especial day” they call it, a day none of us remember!

Needless to say: years go by, suddenly you are 7 and you want some presents in your birthday: mainly toys. When you are 16 things change, now you want to spend it with your friends, have a teenage party. Two or three years go by, now you are 18 or 19 and you want to celebrate your birthday with your sweetheart.

If everything goes fine in your life and you are “lucky” enough to grow older, twenties, thirties, forties….fifties anyone?! Then what? How do you really want to celebrate your birthday?

How Do You Love To Celebrate Your Birthday? 18

When One of our Cats Dies….

When my cat Andie died last December 13 2017. I felt that my heart was life and heart were completely broken. I couldn’t understand how my life was going to be worth living without her. She was so kind and loving to me, all the time, even when I gave her intramuscular shots and oral medications; she never run away from me, she loved me so  and losing her has been very painful….NO…extremely painful to me. It is an unimaginable pain missing her everyday. There was a special connection between Andie and me, and yes, that connection will never die.

Through out my 32 years of having cats in my life I have lost several through old age, some sudden acute disease and they all have been loved and rescued cats. They all leave a hole in my heart when they die.
Anyways, I read this beautiful post of Milly Schmidt and decided not to be ashamed of showing my own pain and my vulnerability to suffer like every one else in this world and share some of my own grieve with you by reblogging her post.
When One of our Cats Dies.... 19

When my cat died on March 20th, I stopped blogging entirely. The only reason you’ll see I posted blogs on that particular date (and after) is because I always schedule my blogs about 1-2 weeks ahead.

I would like to let you all know that I have been reading every single comment left on this blog – even if I never replied. Your comments have been little sparks of light in the darkness. Thank you too, for all the lovely, heartfelt emails and for being so understanding and sharing in my grief when I posted about losing Sven last month.

I’m not embarrassed to admit, that I, the ever optimistic happy go-lucky crazy cat lady, finally reached the end of her tether after my pet died. And we should not be ashamed of feeling sad. If we do, we help perpetuate the stigma of depression that stops people reaching out for help.

It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to let others know that you’re not coping well.

For me, I think the problem was, no matter how lousy I was feeling, my dog and cat would always be there for me, so to lose one of my constant companions has been absolutely devastating. I have never needed Sven more than I need him now, yet he’s lost to me forever.

I usually feel pretty happy most of the time, but when Sven died, any sparks of happiness vanished along with him. It took a few weeks before I could look at a sunrise and feel that rush of appreciation and contentment I used to feel. But even then, I knew that something was still not right.

I think I recognized I was getting to a point where I couldn’t handle the grief any longer. I needed some cats around to force me to laugh. I mean… how can you not laugh when you see a face like this??

Via The Magic of Pets — The Cat’s Write