4 Flowers to Fight Anxiety and Make you Happy



Flowers relax the brain with their colors and beauty (vision), their essence (smell), their texture (touch).


Constant stimuli to the brain can create havoc on our central nervous system, and thus to our way of living.


Learning to relax is primordial, and flowers, herbs and plants can play an important role taking the stress away from your life.


1. Jasmine improves sleep and anxiety


Jasmine is a shrub found outdoors, but with proper care and the right location you can grow it indoors. Its fragrance is not only sweet to our senses, it’s proven to promote a better night’s sleep.


Flowers to fight anxiety


If you surround yourself by jasmine, it’s likely you’ll feel less anxious and more at peace, which results in waking up more alert.


Sleep plays an important role in our physical and mental wellbeing. If you’re lacking in sleep, you may find you have trouble making decisions, controlling your emotions, solving problems and coping with change.


2. Gerbera daisy helps to remove toxins from the air


It removes benzene from the air – a chemical associated with inks. Add one to your office, laundry room or bedroom to promote a calming ambience and fight anxiety.

4 Flowers to Fight Anxiety and Make you Happy 1

Mist the leaves a few times a week. When this flower blooms, its colourful petals can last up to two weeks. The pretty hue not only adds energy to our homes, but having brightly coloured plants in the house and office also helps to promote happiness.


3. ROSES — Take a rose bath

4 Flowers to Fight Anxiety and Make you Happy 2

4. Eat edible Flowers — Add them to your salad. 

4 Flowers to Fight Anxiety and Make you Happy 3




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Beauty in Nature and Music

“I only really and truly fully relax on my own. Give me a sun lounger, a pool and a sea view, and I’m happy”.— Miranda Hart

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea”.— Robert A. Heinlein