Pink Wild Hearts Cant Be Broken Powerful Song and #1 Video

I give profuse thanks to Pink for making this remarkable, splendid, magnificent, powerful song that puzzled me for its honesty and strength in its words.


I can´t stop playing it  I just love it so much. The first time I heard it, the lyrics made my heart, my spirit, my mind and my soul vibrate, it simply made me feel alive, strong and say: I am a winner!


But the fight is never over, the good fight, the fight for living, for loving, for conquering that freedom and respect that gives us dignity to us all.



Love Heart Brain Connection will Make You the Happiest in the World – A #428

Motivation for Today: Chasing Your Dreams Say Goodbye to Your Nightmares! – P #48

Motivation for Today: Chasing Your Dreams Say Goodbye to Your Nightmares! - P #48 1




“Chase your dreams and your nightmares will grow tired of chasing you.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo


chasing your dreams


“Well, I definitely advise anyone who wants to write, write. Don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Because a lot of people can be very discouraging to people who say they want to be a professional writer. If you want to do it, then chase it. Chase your dreams. Follow your heart. If that’s what you want, go after it. Write it out. You never know, you could be the next big thing.”  ― Helena Lancaster


motivation to chase your dreams


Motivate yourself, everyday, every moment of your life, to continue to live with strength, goals, hope and compassion.

Get up every morning with that sparkle in your brain that makes your heart, your muscles and bones get up, then you smile big knowing that you are doing the right thing FOR YOU!

Run after your dreams, chase them until they are conquered by you! Do not let anybody take them away!


motivation chasing your dreams


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Beauty in Nature Morning Walk 30 of April – Any Year in Australia



“Nothing is quite beautiful alone: nothing but is beautiful in the whole. A single object is only so far beautiful as it suggests this universal grace.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, “This is what it is to be happy.” — Sylvia Plath


“He was alone.  He was unheeded, happy, and near to the wild heart of life.  He was alone and young and willful and wild-hearted, alone amidst a waste of wild air and brackish waters and the sea harvest of shells and tangle and veiled grey sunlight.” — James Joyce




Mother Nature in Australia


Beauty in Nature Morning Walk 30 of April - Any Year in Australia 2


Beauty in Nature Morning Walk 30 of April - Any Year in Australia 3


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5 Ways to Stop Worrying and to Truly Live Your Life



#1 — Don’t allow the fear of failure to stop you from taking risks


While we will all do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure in the short term, we need to flip our thinking so that we look more to the long term. We must ask ourselves questions like, “Why am I so worried? What’s the worst that can happen if I just take a risk? What’s the potential outcome 2, 3, 5, or even 10 years from now?


5 Ways to Stop Worrying and to Truly Live Your Life 4


#2 — Remember that you’ve got this — you’ve pulled through before, and you’ll pull through again


Other ways to achieve it: all you have to do is realize that you’ve pulled through in the past and you’ll pull through again. Jot down how you were able to figure out a once-desperate situation. Recall the times when things seemed dark and bleak, but somehow, one way or another, you figured it out. You did it before and you’ll do it again.


ways to be happy


#3 — Immediately disrupt any and all detrimental behavior and negative beliefs that are holding you back


5 Ways to Stop Worrying and to Truly Live Your Life 5



I talk about beliefs because worry is born from a state of negative beliefs. There are different ways to come to the “chronic worrying path”. We worry because we believe we’re not good enough, smart enough, or capable enough to see something through. We worry because we don’t think we have what it takes. That leads to negative thinking, and a set of resultant behaviors that help to close the loop of negativity.


#4 — Your self-worth doesn’t rely on others’ opinions of you — ignore the naysayers


Make a conscious decision right now to do it. Decide, right here in this very moment, that your life means more than others’ opinions of you. And tell yourself you’re not going to worry about it anymore. It’s just not that important. It’s not worth your mental health. Just keep doing you and moving forward. All of the rest will eventually fall into place over time.


5 Ways to Stop Worrying and to Truly Live Your Life 6


#5 — Anything in life that’s worthwhile, will never, ever come easy


Worrying does a huge number on us. It takes away on every level.

Physically, emotionally, spiritually and or financially. But, in order to move away from worry, not only do we need a major shift in our focus, but we need a strategic plan for the future. We need to set goals, create a plan, take action, persist, and never give up. Find your way back!


The Contact Form below is private communication with Dr. Castro. It is not for commenting on this post.


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Strong Mind Equals a Powerful Life – Post 338

Strong Mind



Life is full of wonders.

Things happen in life that are out of our control. Some are good, some others are bad and they inflict happiness or pain in our hearts. If we haven’t built a strong mind we might react in a negative way and feel like we are losing control of our lives when they affected us with harm.


Strong Mind Equals a Powerful Life - Post 338 7


Fear, doubt and worry are feelings that could help you evolve and conquer, or destroy you in the heat of the moment.  When the going gets tough, it takes a special kind of mental toughness to fight those emotions. You need a personal reminder to strengthen your mind, because no matter how great the challenge, your  can be greater.

Albert Einstein explain in this quote what a powerful mind can do to your well-being, your health and even your wealth:


Strong Mind Equals a Powerful Life - Post 338 8


A Lee Boyd Malvo quote:

Mind over matter. Weak minded people are easily influenced. Powerful minded people you can’t break their will.    — Lee Boyd Malvo


That is why is so important that we refresh our mind day by day with positive thoughts, beautiful images, proper information, joy and gratitude. There is a lot of truth to what it has been said about “peace of mind”.

Strong Mind Equals a Powerful Life - Post 338 9


A mind in peace can function and accumulate better thoughts than a mind in constant battle and disarray. Consequently that mind will make better decisions, decisions that will influence positively once life.

Remember now: Build a strong mind to have a powerful life!


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Work Hard Inspire Yourself Be Brilliant and Thrive – Post 327


work hard and thrive


There is no magic pill to success. You need to work hard and adore what you do if you want to accomplish your purpose in life.
It is annoying to hear people complain about money all the time and how hard everything is, but they don’t do anything about it.
Everything worthwhile in this life is not easy to acquire. It requires effort, knowledge and true passion.

Work Hard Inspire Yourself Be Brilliant and Thrive - Post 327 10


When you really want to achieve your goals and the passion you have inside is strong, then 24 hours are not enough. You can’t wait for the new day to start, to see the dawn and get ready to work on your objective.

But if you are lazy or you are not sincere about acquiring success, then every little rock in your path is going to be a huge obstacle to continue.

Lazy people want to be on Facebook and other social media all the time sharing their fake lives, or they want to spend the day playing games and do nothing productive.

Work Hard Inspire Yourself Be Brilliant and Thrive - Post 327 11


You need to have a vision of where you want to go, if you don’t have a goal where you wish to go you will end up anywhere and nowhere. Organize, make a plan and then go for it, full force and do not let anybody and nothing to stop you from getting where you want to be.

Resting and allowing yourself to goof around is simply not allowed for “go getters” . Winners don’t know the meaning of a long vacation because they are busy working on their purpose in life, their goal, their objective.

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Friday Humor Go Ahead Have a Laugh!

Have you ever noticed that feeling of well-being after a good laugh? I have. I try to feel that way everyday. Sometimes when I’m riding my bike alone I make myself laugh remembering funny situations I might have experienced in the past. I laugh out loud, another cyclist might pass me by and notices I am having a good time. He laughs too and smiles. This happens pretty often, and I like it when people around me are happy too. It’s just right!

What’s laughter?

Friday Humor Go Ahead Have a Laugh! 12

I have my own AC unit. Just in case! 🤣

Friday Humor Go Ahead Have a Laugh! 13

Location, location, location!

Friday Humor Go Ahead Have a Laugh! 14


Friday Humor Go Ahead Have a Laugh! 15

Sunday To Do Things List for a Better Happier Life

Sunday To Do Things List for a Better Happier Life 16

My “to do list” for sunday includes several goals. These actions have one purpose: to achieve happiness and continue to grow mentally and spiritually. I am planning to practice each one of them today and continue tomorrow. One day at a time! Feel free to add in the comment section your own goal/s for today, the week, etc.

  • Be helpful
  • Be grateful
  • Be understanding
  • Be kind
  • Be positive
  • Be myself
  • Trust myself
  • Love myself
  • Have fun
  • Laugh
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The Importance of Saying Thank You and Being Kind

The Importance of Saying Thank You and Being Kind 17

Being kind to one another is very important for the health of the mind, and thus for our heart, gastrointestinal tract and our general immune system. Let us not forget that being grateful comes for what we receive either by intent, gift or hard work comes with blessings and for that we should be thankful.

In these “modern” times some people think that because they go to the market and buy things they need this gives them the right to be served and attended without saying THANK YOU. This could not be further from the truth.

Look at my beautiful plants that I grow. I go to them everyday, I water them and feed them with appropriate fertilizers and compost. Then I say thank you to all of them for giving me beauty, for feeding me (I also grow tons of vegetables and fruit trees), for the wonderful smell coming from their petals and fruits. I thank the plants for the bees and butterflies that come to my yard every year because of them. We have a fantastic relantionshinship, my plants and I

Therefore, in every aspect of life is very important to say thank you. Whether you go to the market or you go to your backyard. Let us not forget kindness.

6 Things Successful People do Before 8 a.m.

6 Things Successful People do Before 8 a.m. 18

What do successful people do differently? For one thing, they typically wake up very early. Long before they hit the office, they’ve been up and active, performing tasks that will set them up for success throughout the day.

By waking up early, you can get an edge on the day ahead. You’ll clear your mind and schedule so that you can focus on your work, which can help you reach your goals faster. Curious about how to make the most of your morning? Here are 6 things successful people do before 8 am, and how you can incorporate them into your routine.




You’ve probably heard the phrase “healthy body, healthy mind.” It’s important to take care of yourself physically. For most people, early on in the day is the best time to exercise, before the responsibilities of the day kick in. Whether it’s a brisk walk with your dog, an early run or a bike ride, get your body moving. Not only will it make you feel good, but studies have shown that exercise can improve brain function, so it might even make you smarter at work.


If you’re a busy person, chances are that eating a healthy breakfast is the last thing on your mind. But in terms of the day’s productivity, skipping breakfast can be a huge mistake. If you don’t eat something, chances are you’ll be hitting a vending machine or gorging on donuts at 10:30 am. How productive will you be, and how clearly will you be thinking at work, after that? If you want to be thinking and working at your best, make time to eat a balanced meal in the morning.


Picking up the dry cleaning. Walking the dog. Packing school lunches. Everyone has things that they have to do. To get a leg up on the day, get these things out of the way early. When you wake up early, you have time to attend to these quotidian tasks that can take up valuable mind space during the workday. If you get them out of the way, then you can focus solely on work, and your day will be far more effective. It’s a small change that can have a massive impact on your career.


Everyone procrastinates on one thing or another. Start the day right and get at least one of those hard to tackle tasks off of your to-do list. In the morning, you’re at your most energized and refreshed, and best prepared to take on a difficult task or project. You’ll be amazed at how much lighter it makes you feel for the rest of the day. Not only will you have the sense of accomplishment at having completed that task, but it won’t be looming ahead and causing stress all day.


To truly be successful in the long run, you must make a lifelong commitment to learning. There is never a point at which you’ve learned “enough”. Learning keeps the mind elastic and allows you to remain nimble in your work. This is important, as the landscape of every business will change over time.

Every day, make a point of spending some early AM time learning something. This might be by reading the newspaper, learning a new skill, or it might be by listening to podcasts relevant to your work. It might be a self-imposed study routine on a certain sector of your business. There are many ways to continue educating yourself. You never know what might give you your next great idea.


The best time to map out your day is in the early morning, before the distractions of the day set in. This is a time to consider your goals for the day and how to prioritize tasks to realize them.

Be realistic in mapping out your day: don’t set a mile-long to-do list that you’ll never be able to complete, or schedule yourself in such a way that you’ll be running from thing to thing and getting stressed out. Leave some room for breaks. Consider this plan like a road map, as if you’re on a cross-country trip. You have the freedom to veer off course if needed, but the structure of a general plan will help keep your journey on the right path.

Doing something useful when you feel least like doing anything almost guarantees a productive day.