Open Heart Surgery Art of Medicine Watch 1 Short Breathtaking Video

heart surgery


During heart surgery, a highly trained group works as a team.

  • The cardiovascular surgeon heads up the surgery team and performs the key parts of the surgery.

  • The assisting surgeons follow the direction of the cardiovascular surgeon.

  • The cardiovascular anesthesiologist gives you the medicines that make you sleep during the surgery (called anesthesia) and monitors the ventilator, which breathes for you during surgery.

  • The perfusion technologists run the heart-lung machine.

  • The cardiovascular nurses are specially trained to assist in heart surgery.



Coronary-artery bypass grafting (CABG), introduced in the 1960s, remains the standard revascularization treatment for complex coronary disease.1 The left internal thoracic artery, with its excellent patency when used as a graft, is the conduit of choice for anastomosis to the left anterior descending coronary artery.


Open Heart Surgery Art of Medicine Watch 1 Short Breathtaking Video 1


“In some ways, what I do is as much art as it is science,” said Dr. Kirshbom. “Some hearts are missing parts or are put together the wrong way. That’s where the art comes in. Many of our operations require literal rebuilding of cardiac and vascular structures. As one of my colleagues says, each child is a custom job.”


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