Work Hard Inspire Yourself Be Brilliant and Thrive – Post 327


work hard and thrive


There is no magic pill to success. You need to work hard and adore what you do if you want to accomplish your purpose in life.
It is annoying to hear people complain about money all the time and how hard everything is, but they don’t do anything about it.
Everything worthwhile in this life is not easy to acquire. It requires effort, knowledge and true passion.

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When you really want to achieve your goals and the passion you have inside is strong, then 24 hours are not enough. You can’t wait for the new day to start, to see the dawn and get ready to work on your objective.

But if you are lazy or you are not sincere about acquiring success, then every little rock in your path is going to be a huge obstacle to continue.

Lazy people want to be on Facebook and other social media all the time sharing their fake lives, or they want to spend the day playing games and do nothing productive.

Work Hard Inspire Yourself Be Brilliant and Thrive - Post 327 2


You need to have a vision of where you want to go, if you don’t have a goal where you wish to go you will end up anywhere and nowhere. Organize, make a plan and then go for it, full force and do not let anybody and nothing to stop you from getting where you want to be.

Resting and allowing yourself to goof around is simply not allowed for “go getters” . Winners don’t know the meaning of a long vacation because they are busy working on their purpose in life, their goal, their objective.

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4 Best Festivals of 2018 to Celebrate Happiness and Fun

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Harbin Ice and Snow fiesta is China’s original and greatest ice artwork festival, attracting hundreds of thousands of local people and visitors from all over the world.

The first Ice lanterns were a winter-time tradition in northeast China. During the Qing Dynasty(1644 – 1911), the locals and fishermen often made and used ice lanterns as jack-lights during the winter months.

At that time these were made simply by pouring water into a bucket that was then put out in the open to freeze. It was then gently warmed before the water froze completely so that the bucket-shaped ice could be pulled out.

Festivals in China


The awesome celebrations  of this county mark the start of the Lent period, dancers and revellers celebrate the occasion with colourful street parties.

Considered one of the biggest carnivals in the world, Brazil erupted in magnificent colours and samba parade.

Dancers performed on top of monumental floats, and orchestras and musicians played samba music for all to enjoy.

4 Best Festivals of 2018 to Celebrate Happiness and Fun 3


The Fiesta continues for nine days, and you can enjoy various musical performances, see night glows in which the balloons propane burners are ignited, but the hot air balloons are tethered to the ground.

One of the best events is the Mass Ascension where hundreds of hot air balloons are launched in two waves and fill up the sky with bright colors.

Balloon 2018 Festival

Cheltenham Festivals in the United Kingdom

This festival is held every March in the United Kingdom, and it is an event that gathers some of the best British and Irish trained racehorses.

Since the meeting is usually held around the same time as Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations, the Cheltenham Festival is extremely popular with Irish visitors. There are several Grade I races held over four days.

4 Best Festivals of 2018 to Celebrate Happiness and Fun 4

Festival Definition

Best Inspiration Post of the Year 2018 Get Out of the Blues!

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