Best Song of the Week to Make You Feel Powerful and Unbroken! A #377

song unbroken




I just listened to UNBROKEN yesterday. I enjoyed the lyrics so much that I could not stop listening to it over and over.


If you feel down, listen to this song (MUSICAL VIDEO below). Listen to other songs that would liberate your mind from pain, from feeling unworthy, sad, lonely.  But do it as soon as possible. See, the longer you allow yourself to feel like you can not go on anymore, the longer will be for you to recuperate, to go back on your feet and “fight” the good fight, to live plenty.


So, do it today. Today is the day for you to pull yourself out of that hole without ladders. There is always a ladder. If you don’t think so, if you don’t see it, then YOU get it and put it on the wall of the deep hole and climb it up!



Learn How to Read Your Body Signals to Avoid Anxiety and Be Happier – A #375


Best Song of the Week to Make You Feel Powerful and Unbroken! A #377 1



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Do Not Bother Me … I Am Happy … Sleeping! Video #7


The goats can now say they have hiked the Great Pyrenees, can’t they?



bother hahahaha


No amount of money can buy this carefree and peaceful life, until and unless one is at peace within oneself and one’s surroundings.



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Wasting Your Life Away? Be Happy Now! Motivational Video P 346


Then start living now, breathing now, be absolutely conscious of your living state at every moment of your life, every second.



wasting your life away


You waste your life away when you constantly replay the past in your mind, when you imagine a future and live every day trying to “live in the future” that will never be present.


wasting your life away


We can plan for the future and act according to it. Putting in action our plans with passion to accomplish our goals, but always living in the present!



Some people say the following words are cliché. In my opinion they have truth in the message and they are worth of mentioning them:

Yesterday is history

Tomorrow is a mystery

But today is a gift

That is why it is called the present


IMPORTANT NOTE from Dr. Castro:

Please don’t assume that I am a Democrat or Republican just because I write or mention my admiration about certain people. I am neither. I hold no rigid political affiliation.

I admire the human being, no matter his/her political affiliation, religion or lack thereof.

I am a true freedom thinker who do not like labels. I don’t follow hypocrites. I admire what I think it’s admirable to me, and criticise what I sincerely think has to be denounced as a bad policy, error or a crime.


Dr. Martha A. Castro Noriega, MD



Charles Chaplin About Hate – A 344


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Caturday Cats for Christmas and a Poem

A Cat Named Frank – Poem by Marilyn Lott

He is a beautiful kitty cat
Frank is his name
And around the barnyard
He has risen to fame

Not only does he have
A coat so warm and soft
He’s quite the little mouser
Even up in the tall hay loft

He has a certain way
About him, it’s a fact
His personality, my friend
Changes how you react

You fall in love so quickly
When Frank comes into the room
For he takes a lot of time
Out of his busy day to groom

He keeps your heart on a string
And this you can take to the bank
When you become a victim of
A charming cat named Frank!

Cute Beautiful Kittens and a Kung Fu Kitty Video

Kittens, cats, all colors, sizes and breeds…are adorable, aren’t they?

Cute Beautiful Kittens and a Kung Fu Kitty Video 2

Cute Beautiful Kittens and a Kung Fu Kitty Video 3

Cute Beautiful Kittens and a Kung Fu Kitty Video 4

How To Buy A Great Steak Juicy Fresh Tender Video

How To Buy A Great Steak Juicy Fresh Tender Video 5

Steaks come in all shapes and sizes and depending on the section of the cow they originate from can have a huge influence on price and cooking technique. According to Jimmy, “You may want to choose a cut like Flat Iron or Flank Steak if you are serving a larger group.

Consider buying a thicker, multiple serving premium steak such as a Porterhouse or Bone-in Rib-Eye. Return the sliced steak to the bone before serving. It is a very nice presentation for a small dinner party. Thicker boneless cuts such as New York Steak also make great multiple serving steaks.”


Monday of Laughs with Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Twitter Diving gif

Actress Gal Gadot posted a very funny diving gif:

Now, this is a perfect dive by Wonder Woman:

Monday of Laughs with Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Twitter Diving gif 6

Watch these 5 Egg Cooking Hacks that are going to Blow your Mind Tasty too!


5 EGGCEPTIONAL egg hacks …. How to have fun in the kitchen and enjoy eating what you cook …. fast, easy, clever and tasty too!


Beauty in Nature and Music

“I only really and truly fully relax on my own. Give me a sun lounger, a pool and a sea view, and I’m happy”.— Miranda Hart

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea”.— Robert A. Heinlein