Happy International Women’s Day 2019



To all my female contacts, followers and subscribers in Wordpress, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, I want tell you: Let’s ENJOY our day!

Thank you for sharing your kindness, your knowledge, inspiration, your pain, your happiness, your dreams, with me. I appreciate every word, every like, every comment. Thank you!


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Dr. Alexandrea C. P. -my wonderful daughter

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Happy International Women's Day 2019 1


Thank you for being who you are, hard working women, students in science, arts, writers in journalism, poetry, philosophy, mothers, the pillar of your family, politicians. Thank you for reading what I write, what I share. As a woman I have always fought hard for my rights to become successful, healthy, happy, for my family.


Happy International Women's Day 2019 2


It has not been easy for me, and I am sure it has not been easy for many women who which I have contact with in the digital world. But we reach out, we study, we work, we are discipline and persevere until we conquer what we wanted. 

We women are strong and deserve to speak out against violence against us, just because we have been perceived as the “weak gender”. This is a new era, and the era is ours for us to show the kind of strength needed to create a wonderful world of peace, health and love….without violence, and without discriminating anyone.


Happy International Women's Day 2019 3


Men will be our partners, not our enemies. We are all human beings and deserve to walk together, all of us, nobody behind.

PEACE TO ALL! — Dr. Martha A. Castro Noriega, MD

Happy International Women’s Day!

Beauty and Magic in the Making Chanel Perfume No 5

Making the essence of a perfume involves scientific knowledge and artistic qualities.

To come up with a wonderful combination that can transport our mind to a sublime paradise by using the sense of smell, requires an intellect of a genius.

Flowers are essential. In addition to flowers, also fruits, spices, resins, leaves, gums, balsams, and even grasses are used to make a perfume.

High-end luxury brands, such as Chanel, for instance, own their own flower fields to make sure they have enough product, with high quality for their perfumes.

METHOD: Extraction of oils, Blending of oils, Aging process

Fields of Chanel

Chanel Perfume

Extraction of the Oils of the Flowers

Beauty and Magic in the Making Chanel Perfume No 5 4

Aging Process

Beauty and Magic in the Making Chanel Perfume No 5 5


Beauty and Magic in the Making Chanel Perfume No 5 6

Beauty and Magic in the Making Chanel Perfume No 5 7

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Beauty in Chris Louboutin Manolo Blahnik Shoes 4 Outstanding Photos

Chris Louboutin Shoes on the Tracks!

shoes louboutin

Shoes are a design statement, pieces of art: e.g. Manolo Blahnik, Prada, Jimmy Choo, and of course, my favorite, Chris Louboutin.
At their best, they are a design statement, pieces of art almost.

Beauty in Chris Louboutin Manolo Blahnik Shoes 4 Outstanding Photos 8

The classic Louboutin style is the Pigalle, which is basically a very sophisticated pointed pump.  It rarely goes on sale around the world, even the seasonal colours usually sell out long before the sale even begins and if you’re after the nude or black, expect the prices to go up almost year on year.

Beauty in Chris Louboutin Manolo Blahnik Shoes 4 Outstanding Photos 9

Not all Chris Louboutin’s are high heels. He has created divine  Velvet Venetian Loafers that are chic and comfortable.

Beauty in Chris Louboutin Manolo Blahnik Shoes 4 Outstanding Photos 10

In my opinion, Christian Louboutin’s are the most luxurious and alluring shoes in the world. Their elegance makes any woman’s legs look like a piece of art, sensual and attractive, giving the whole body that look of independence and power any modern woman loves to wear. A fetching combination!



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6 Things Successful People do Before 8 a.m.

6 Things Successful People do Before 8 a.m. 11

What do successful people do differently? For one thing, they typically wake up very early. Long before they hit the office, they’ve been up and active, performing tasks that will set them up for success throughout the day.

By waking up early, you can get an edge on the day ahead. You’ll clear your mind and schedule so that you can focus on your work, which can help you reach your goals faster. Curious about how to make the most of your morning? Here are 6 things successful people do before 8 am, and how you can incorporate them into your routine.




You’ve probably heard the phrase “healthy body, healthy mind.” It’s important to take care of yourself physically. For most people, early on in the day is the best time to exercise, before the responsibilities of the day kick in. Whether it’s a brisk walk with your dog, an early run or a bike ride, get your body moving. Not only will it make you feel good, but studies have shown that exercise can improve brain function, so it might even make you smarter at work.


If you’re a busy person, chances are that eating a healthy breakfast is the last thing on your mind. But in terms of the day’s productivity, skipping breakfast can be a huge mistake. If you don’t eat something, chances are you’ll be hitting a vending machine or gorging on donuts at 10:30 am. How productive will you be, and how clearly will you be thinking at work, after that? If you want to be thinking and working at your best, make time to eat a balanced meal in the morning.


Picking up the dry cleaning. Walking the dog. Packing school lunches. Everyone has things that they have to do. To get a leg up on the day, get these things out of the way early. When you wake up early, you have time to attend to these quotidian tasks that can take up valuable mind space during the workday. If you get them out of the way, then you can focus solely on work, and your day will be far more effective. It’s a small change that can have a massive impact on your career.


Everyone procrastinates on one thing or another. Start the day right and get at least one of those hard to tackle tasks off of your to-do list. In the morning, you’re at your most energized and refreshed, and best prepared to take on a difficult task or project. You’ll be amazed at how much lighter it makes you feel for the rest of the day. Not only will you have the sense of accomplishment at having completed that task, but it won’t be looming ahead and causing stress all day.


To truly be successful in the long run, you must make a lifelong commitment to learning. There is never a point at which you’ve learned “enough”. Learning keeps the mind elastic and allows you to remain nimble in your work. This is important, as the landscape of every business will change over time.

Every day, make a point of spending some early AM time learning something. This might be by reading the newspaper, learning a new skill, or it might be by listening to podcasts relevant to your work. It might be a self-imposed study routine on a certain sector of your business. There are many ways to continue educating yourself. You never know what might give you your next great idea.


The best time to map out your day is in the early morning, before the distractions of the day set in. This is a time to consider your goals for the day and how to prioritize tasks to realize them.

Be realistic in mapping out your day: don’t set a mile-long to-do list that you’ll never be able to complete, or schedule yourself in such a way that you’ll be running from thing to thing and getting stressed out. Leave some room for breaks. Consider this plan like a road map, as if you’re on a cross-country trip. You have the freedom to veer off course if needed, but the structure of a general plan will help keep your journey on the right path.

Doing something useful when you feel least like doing anything almost guarantees a productive day.

Nobel Prize in Chemistry Goes to a Woman for the Fifth Time in History

Nobel Prize in Chemistry Goes to a Woman for the Fifth Time in History 12
Dr. Arnold, 62, an American professor of chemical engineering, bioengineering and biochemistry at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, earned the award for her work with the
She shared this year’s chemistry Nobel — worth close to $1 million — with George P. Smith, 77, and Gregory P. Winter, 67. Dr. Arnold received half of the prize, and Dr. Smith and Dr. Winter split the other half.
Dr. Arnold won for her work conducting the directed evolution of enzymes, proteins that catalyze chemical reactions. She first pioneered the bioengineering method, which works similar to the way dog breeders mate specific dogs to bring out desired traits, in the early 1990s, and has refined it since then.

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The Empowerment of Women Now

Empowering girls and women is powerful. Today, we know it is the key to economic growth, political stability, and social transformation. World leaders, experts and scholars alike are giving their voice to this critical endeavor.

The Empowerment of Women Now 13

Astonishingly, the exact opposite is true on the ground. Rather than uplifting and empowering girls and women as the most powerful force for transformation and progress, horrific violence is perpetrated against them…every minute, every hour, every day.

The Empowerment of Women Now 14

I don’t care about the sad opinion of chauvinist men. I could care less about the opinion of women who protect this abusive behavior in men. They are worthless to  me and they’ve always been. That is why I am so successful and ahead of many men. In fact, I am an entrepreneur who employs men. In my companies men and women are treated equally and paid equally, according to their capabilities and knowledge.

Now, I want to use this will in me, my own empowerment, my success, my knowledge, to help young girls and women to let them know that they are not alone and that they can become stronger, better and succeed just because we deserve it, no matter what others say.

In This World It is a Sin to Be Fat…or…

In This World It is a Sin to Be Fat...or... 17

It is a sin, a crime to be overweight, well not literally but people make sure to let you know you are fat and disliked by them.  And I am ranting because one of my best friends was called fat, and I am upset.

Although I agree that the more weight we put on the more distress we put on our bodies, but that is no reason to be hurtful towards people who have an eating problem. No one is perfect in this world, no one. Even the most handsome man or the most beautiful woman has something s/he needs to change or work on to be a better human being.

Torturing overweight people is one of the last acceptable forms of bigotry.

What’s the harm, you ask? If the women are fat, why object to being called that? Well what if the receipt had read group of cripples or three ugly guys? If it is the truth, then what is the harm… right? What if all of your receipts highlighted your appearance shortcomings? Would it be so funny then?

The lack of empathy and compassion for those dealing with a weight problem has become frightening. Yes, it is frightening that people feel it is fine to harass, insult, and bully an overweight person. This is the type of behavior you would expect from bratty out of control children or from ignorant and hateful uneducated adults.

Those who attack fat people are bullies and predators, pure and simple.

The fact is that you won’t make your light shine any brighter by blowing out someone else’s light. Pay attention to your own plate. There is not a doubt in my mind that those vicious bullies who pick on fat people are miserable and have lives filled with a history of rocky relationships. Those who are happy and content don’t feel the need to victimize others.

I think that we can be beautiful just the way we are if we have TRUE compassion and kindness in our hearts towards ourselves and others. And seriously, being ignorant and disrespectful just make people really ugly in my eyes. So stop the bullying, yes?


My Daughter Wonderful Woman I Know

I want to dedicate this blog post to one of the most wonderful women I know, my daughter Alexandrea. She is a blessing in my life, a jewel that has beautified my whole world and my soul. Because of her I am a better person, and I want to offer my admiration, respect and of course all my love to her. I celebrate her womanhood everyday of my life, and so does her husband, who is a marvelous man who truly respects women, all women of all colors, shapes and nationalities.

To my daughter with love for being such an admirable human being.

My Daughter Wonderful Woman I Know 18