I Love Heels Even When Cycling! 5 Awesome Images

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You know, I love wearing heels. I wish I could wear them all the time, but, you know, my sport doesn’t really permit i t.Allyson Felix


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heels dra martha castro noriega tijuana mexico



The Empowerment of Women Now

Empowering girls and women is powerful. Today, we know it is the key to economic growth, political stability, and social transformation. World leaders, experts and scholars alike are giving their voice to this critical endeavor.

The Empowerment of Women Now 1

Astonishingly, the exact opposite is true on the ground. Rather than uplifting and empowering girls and women as the most powerful force for transformation and progress, horrific violence is perpetrated against them…every minute, every hour, every day.

The Empowerment of Women Now 2

I don’t care about the sad opinion of chauvinist men. I could care less about the opinion of women who protect this abusive behavior in men. They are worthless to  me and they’ve always been. That is why I am so successful and ahead of many men. In fact, I am an entrepreneur who employs men. In my companies men and women are treated equally and paid equally, according to their capabilities and knowledge.

Now, I want to use this will in me, my own empowerment, my success, my knowledge, to help young girls and women to let them know that they are not alone and that they can become stronger, better and succeed just because we deserve it, no matter what others say.

In This World It is a Sin to Be Fat…or…

In This World It is a Sin to Be Fat...or... 6

It is a sin, a crime to be overweight, well not literally but people make sure to let you know you are fat and disliked by them.  And I am ranting because one of my best friends was called fat, and I am upset.

Although I agree that the more weight we put on the more distress we put on our bodies, but that is no reason to be hurtful towards people who have an eating problem. No one is perfect in this world, no one. Even the most handsome man or the most beautiful woman has something s/he needs to change or work on to be a better human being.

Torturing overweight people is one of the last acceptable forms of bigotry.

What’s the harm, you ask? If the women are fat, why object to being called that? Well what if the receipt had read group of cripples or three ugly guys? If it is the truth, then what is the harm… right? What if all of your receipts highlighted your appearance shortcomings? Would it be so funny then?

The lack of empathy and compassion for those dealing with a weight problem has become frightening. Yes, it is frightening that people feel it is fine to harass, insult, and bully an overweight person. This is the type of behavior you would expect from bratty out of control children or from ignorant and hateful uneducated adults.

Those who attack fat people are bullies and predators, pure and simple.

The fact is that you won’t make your light shine any brighter by blowing out someone else’s light. Pay attention to your own plate. There is not a doubt in my mind that those vicious bullies who pick on fat people are miserable and have lives filled with a history of rocky relationships. Those who are happy and content don’t feel the need to victimize others.

I think that we can be beautiful just the way we are if we have TRUE compassion and kindness in our hearts towards ourselves and others. And seriously, being ignorant and disrespectful just make people really ugly in my eyes. So stop the bullying, yes?


Chasing Your Dreams

Motivate yourself, everyday, every moment of your life, to continue living with strength, goals, energy. Get up every morning with that sparkle in your brain that makes your heart, your muscles and bones get up, then you smile big knowing you are doing the right thing FOR YOU!

Run after your dreams, chase them until they are conquered by you!

Chasing Your Dreams 7

My Daughter Wonderful Woman I Know

I want to dedicate this blog post to one of the most wonderful women I know, my daughter Alexandrea. She is a blessing in my life, a jewel that has beautified my whole world and my soul. Because of her I am a better person, and I want to offer my admiration, respect and of course all my love to her. I celebrate her womanhood everyday of my life, and so does her husband, who is a marvelous man who truly respects women, all women of all colors, shapes and nationalities.

To my daughter with love for being such an admirable human being.

My Daughter Wonderful Woman I Know 8


My Choice of Wedding Dresses for this Spring 2018

If you and your fiancé have decided to marry this year, no matter how busy you both are you have to use your imagination,  be creative, take your time to plan, look, shop around, refine,define what kind of wedding dress you wish to wear. Remember, this is hopefully one in a life time experience, marrying the love of your life! So choose wisely and do not give up until you find the wedding dress of your dreams.

Plan your day(s) of dress shopping. Look up all of the bridal shops within an hour of where you live/where you’re shopping. Look up their reviews online too- I recommend WeddingWire. Some shops are just awful and will ruin your whole shopping experience, and some are awesome. If you can, try to avoid the awful shops- trust me on this. And if your heart is set on a designer, of course look up what stores carry that designer. (Here’s something interesting to know: Bridal shops have to be a certain distance apart from each other to be able to carry certain designers, so if you’re looking for a particular designer, you may have to take a little trip. It’s a good idea to make appointments at bridal shops- many are even by appointment only. All the more reason to plan out your day!

My wild, exotic and vivid imagination is what made Julio Vino and Ines Di Santo and Martin Thornbag be my favorite wedding dress designers for Spring 2018!

My Choice of Wedding Dresses for this Spring 2018 9

My Choice of Wedding Dresses for this Spring 2018 10

My Choice of Wedding Dresses for this Spring 2018 11

My Choice of Wedding Dresses for this Spring 2018 12


Dominant or Recessive Body Traits

via Daily Prompt: Dominant

Do you have a dominant eye color or is your eye color recessive?  All of your traits that you have are either dominant or they are recessive. Dominant means that the trait will always show up no matter what.  Recessive genes cannot show with a dominant gene present.

Recessive means that the trait will only show if there is no dominant gene there. If your hair is blonde then your trait for hair is recessive. You would have no genes for dark hair. Since you have two genes for every trait you have, one from your father and one from you mother, you would have gotten two genes for light hair if you were a blonde. You could not have been blonde if you had one gene for dark hair and one for light hair. This is because dark is dominant.


Dominant or Recessive Body Traits 13

Dominant or Recessive Body Traits 14

Blinking Is Good

There are several reasons why the eyelid blinks over our eye.

Blinking Kristen Wiig GIF by Zoolander No. 2 - Find & Share on GIPHY

The first, and most common, cause of blinkng is to make sure that the eye itself is kept moisturized. Around the edge of the eyelid, by the eyelashes, are glands which produce a natural oil. As the eyelid moves over the eye-ball, this oil is spread across the surface of the eye. This oil also works to prevent the eye lashes from drying out too. Particularly in windy or dry atmospheres your eyelids will work overtime to prevent your eyes from drying out, one of the reasons that you may yourself blinking more on a windy day.

Another reason that you blink is to prevent foreign bodies from coming into your eye and causing you pain. In situations where the eye is at risk, the eye will blink with the aim of collecting any potential foreign bodies in the eyelashes instead.

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